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Your Toughest Critic


If there’s anybody who treats you like crap in your life and abuses you mentally with that ridiculous inner voice in your head IT’S YOU.  It’s amazing that we will often talk to ourselves and be more harsh on ourselves than we would ever let anybody else be with us. That inner voice in your head can be an evil Bi#$#$# or a@#$#$.  So, the question becomes how to do you start to tame that demon.  The answer is simple.  Conditioning.

I was reading Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich the other day and I came across the chapter on auto suggestion. I must have read it three times and I will probably read it every day until I no longer have any doubt about the effectiveness of it.  The thing with that voice in our head is that it hates that idea that we are about to control it. It’s been so influenced by the outside world that it’s been conditioned in a certain way. At first when we begin reconditioning it might seem like you are lying to yourself. Here are the lies that I’ve been telling myself every day:

- I’m a best selling author
- I make 5 grand a month from my blog/online activities
- I have 500 RSS readers

The thing is that eventually all of these lies will become truth because you are impressing them so much and so many times on the subconscious. After a while the voice in your head will start to change because it’s been hearing a new message so much. Try it out for 90 days and let me know what happens.

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