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*You + Super Mario Star = Exceptional Life*


WTF?! I know. You are probably thinking that is the most random title you have ever read. Well, how else was I going to get you to read this article. Most people skim and skip through great articles on great blogs that could potentially change your life forever. Well, let me show you how this can be THAT article that opens your life to becoming exceptional.

As a kid, I played a little Super Mario Brothers. I usually was outside playing hide and seek and tag, but come winter, Super Nintendo was a good pal. One of the best opportunities in the game was to receive the shiny, flashy, multi-colored star. I played the entire series of Super Mario Bros. so I am not sure which games had or did not have it, but I do know that it was always welcome in my world. The Super Mario Star allowed you to (pretty much) do whatever you wanted. You want to walk right into a dangerous turtle? Done! You want to take out a venus fly trap? Done! You want to be shot by a man-sized bullet? Done! Other than falling down a whole to oblivion, you could do almost anything you wanted. So, how in the world does this relate to you and making your life exceptional? Let me explain…

We can be so cautious in our life. We fear losing our job because of the debt we have consumed. We fear not making others happy at the cost of being unhappy. We fear the unknown in general. The obvious problem with that is that we are not living up to our lives exceptional potential. There are a million opportunities to do what we love and be who we want to be. However, societies stranglehold on our lives keeps us from achieving so much more. Well, it is time to not be cautious and not fear the unknown. It is time to grab the Super Mario Star and live like there is nothing that can stop us.

*Changing our mindset is the first step.* We must think differently to be different. If you want to live the life of your dreams, then do it. Stop letting others tell you what you need to do. Stop allowing everyone’s thoughts control your life. Who cares if they think they are right. You and I both know that we can and are changing our mindset to be free.

*The next big step is acting.* We can all sit at our 9-5 and say we are going to change, but until we take action, there is little change actually occurring. Take some baby steps to change. Don’t worry if you fail. We will always fail. It’s a matter of learning from such and continuing our growth to freedom from the constraints of others. So take action, be bold and make mistakes.

*Lastly, the only way we can reach an exceptional life is to manage our decisions.* Do I want a brand new car or an excursion around the world? What do you really want? That is the question you need to ask yourself. We all need to sacrifice in one aspect of our life to gain in another. The problem is our decision making can kill our exceptional lifestyle. With each decision you make, focus on what you truly want and not what will satisfy the short term desires. Our decision making will leads us to a horrible life or an exceptional life. Which do you want?

The Super Mario Star may not protect us from everything in the world. But if we take hold of it, we can run freely through much of the world on our way to our goal finish line….an exceptional life.

Have a good one…


Dave Damron – LifeExcursion: Dave currently is the editor of a personal and lifestyle development site called LifeExcursion. He currently resides in Northern California and just recently arrived back from an excursion to Australia and New Zealand. If you are looking for daily advice, suggestions, stories, etc. on making your excursion through life more enjoyable, check out

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