You Shouldn’t Trust People Who Don’t Like Chocolate(that’s weird)

Sometime in college a good friend of mine told me “You shouldn’t trust people who don’t like chocolate, that’s just weird.” I thought it was pretty funny and at the same time agreed. It seemed like great advice for life. No offense to those of you who don’t like chocolate, but I probably won’t trust you because I do think it’s weird. I decided to Google  these untrustworthy individuals who don’t like chocolate and these are the things I found:

  • The Guy Who’s worried that his girlfriend doesn’t like chocolate
  • The person advised to see a hypnotherapist to fix this “disorder”
  • Blogger who doesn’t like chocolate

My Confession: I have had two friends in my life who don’t like chocolate. One was my roommate who was allergic to chocolate(so I can let that slide). The other was  another friend I had when I was living in Brazil. Yes dude, I think you’re weird as shit for not liking chocolate. If you read this on Facebook you know who you are.

The Family Sweet Tooth: My dad is diabetic. That must be torture. He loves sweets. In fact the day he went the doctor to get his diagnosis he suspected that the doctor was going to tell him he was diabetic, so he loaded up on all his favorite sweets for one last time. I think I’d do the same.

Chocolate to Ice Cream Ratio Problems with my Favorite Desserts

Mcdonald’s Hot Fudge Sundae

I love Mcdonalds hot fudge sundaes but the bastards always stiff you on the hot fudge. The fudge to ice cream ratio sucks. Fix this shit Mcdonalds. Give us extra fudge and don’t charge 20 cents. Fudge to ice cream ratio is the downfall of many hot fudge sundae makers. (Denny’s, Ghiradelli, you’re on this list too).

Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream

This is yet another one of my favorite forms of chocolate. I know I just bitched at Mcdonalds for not getting it right, but even I can’t seem to perfect this. There’s never enough ice cream to eat with the brownie that’s left or vice versa. Maybe I should just keep the ice cream near me to solve this problem. I’m all ears for suggestions.

Hazelnut Choco Thick Shake
This is something that I grab all the time from the nearby Choco room just for 2.75 dollars and is worth it. Whenever you walk into that shop, you can see page listed with a variety of chocolate items kept on the table. However, I have many memories connected to this special thing and won’t be tired of eating it ever.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Lava Cake

I love, love, love these cakes. They only give you two of them in a box, and they are ready in 2 mins. They are decadent as hell and I could probably eat one every single day.  Of all desserts that suffer from the chocolate to ice cream ratio issue, this is the one that actually does the best. Perhaps balancing out with the molten chocolate lava is the reason that it balances out properly.

What about you? Do you trust people who don’t like chocolate? Do you think it’s weird if they don’t?

Next Week: Ice cream and Pancakes (My Dad’s version of making the kids Breakfast)