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You Might be Addicted to the Life You’re Trying to Escape

Yesterday one of my friends put a comment on Facebook in response to my post about why you should stop living in a world based on rules that said “stop writing such great blog posts. You make me want to quit my job and leave the country.” While I was flattered by the compliment, it made me want to examine this in a bit more depth. If there are so many people who are living a life that they are continually trying to escape, is it possible that they might actually be addicted to the life they are trying to escape?  If we start  to look closely at it, the lives we live, even when we seem intent on escaping them satisfy some basic human needs. I think we also need to examine what’s causing this addiction.

3 Needs that this Addiction Satisfies

Causes of the addiction

Overcoming the addiction will require a leap of faith. It’s about making a short term sacrifice for a long term gain. Do you have the guts to take a chance?

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