Why you should celebrate small successes


Goals setting and success in achieving goals are arguably the root of personal development. You have set out to accomplish something and the principles of personal development are designed to help you achieve your goal more efficiently and effectively. However, sometimes we set fairly lofty goals, and while we are taking action towards those goals it seems as though very little progress is being made. For example, if you have 100 things that need to be done in order to accomplish a goal, and you have 10 of those things done, then it’s likely you feel that 90% of the steps to accomplishing this goal need to still be taken. However, there is a slight problem with this perspective towards success. You are always focused on what you haven’t accomplished.

Success is largely about having a certain state of mind, a success mind set. One success leads to another and the snowball effect goes to work. By celebrating smaller successes you are actually starting to communicate that attitude of “I have already succeeded” or “I am successful” to your mind.Also, make sure that you trade with discipline and not trade in an impulsive manner. Stick to your day trading plan, check out here, and know from the start that no one has been able to get rich with a single trade or on a single day.
You also need to pick the direction of the market.
As a result you will accelerate the process of accomplishing your goals because you are coming from a place of already being successful rather than trying to become successful. Let’s look at an example that has been kind of close to my life since I started this blog: The Job Search.

While it has been daunting, I experienced a bit of irony in the last two weeks. After months of spending a more than a few hours a day in front of the computer, I decided to only submit resumes for one hour in the morning , and one hour in the evening. Then I literally spent about 6 hours a day at the beach surfing. The strangest thing that happened was that I started to get responses to my resume submissions at a rate like I had never experienced in the entire time I’ve been submitting resumes. While getting an opportunity to interview is not a job, it’s a small success. By recognizing a small success you breed more success. Success is a feeling to an extent, and by celebrating small successes you make it easy for yourself to feel successful. Change your rules for success along the path to accomplishing your goal. Make it easy for yourself to feel successful, and celebrate even the smallest success. You’ll be surprised by the dramatic changes that occur in your life and the rate at which they occur.