What’s the Picture Your Words are Painting


The internet and the evolution of technology has done something wonderful by giving us all an opportunity for creative expression. The misfits, rebels, and renegades have found a playground. All of a sudden weird is the new cool.

We have access to people in a way that we never did before. We can literally say ANYTHING to those people by sending emails to people we’ve never met, leaving comments, and disappearing without a trace. It can also be the start of a beautiful friendship.

But, this has also brought out the worst in people. People with no identity leave footprints all over the Internet. They knock down and bully people they’ve never met and have had no previous interactions with.A limit order is where you place a limit on the price on the web in which you want to buy or sell the stock. You thus will have to put in a price at which you want the trade to get executed. The limit order will ascertain you of a price but the order may or may not go through. In the real world this would be the equivalent of walking up to a complete stranger in the grocery store and saying “fuck you.”  If you did that in the real world you’d get a bit more than a bitch slap.

I had a reader respond to one on my newsletters the other day saying something along the lines of “everything you write is complete bullshit.”

The beautiful thing about the school of life is attendance isn’t mandatory. Nobody is forcing you to be here. So all I can say is “don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

As bloggers we have a great power at our disposal.  With our blog posts, tweets, emails, and comments, we paint pictures of who we are. If you think your words don’t paint pictures, then trying describing anything without words. Reality is inseparable from language.  Choose your words wisely.

If people are not interacting with you face to face, I promise you they are painting a picture based on your words. Once they see you through that lens, it will be impossible for them not to.  So, ask yourself what’s the picture you’re painting with your words?