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Tunnel Vision in the Blogosphere

It’s become apparent to me in the last few weeks that there is a case of tunnel vision pervading the blogosphere. It’s only through self-diagnosis that I have realized this.

A few weeks ago I interviewed Ria Sharon at MyMommyManual. I don’t read mom blogs, and I’m guessing that you don’t either. After all what the hell does a mom blog have to do with lifestyle design, life hacking, personal development, blogging, social media,  Gen Y, and everything else that you might think is the dominant voice in the blogosphere.

News Flash: There’s a whole world outside this self inflicted bubble we live in. That became very apparent to me when I interviewed Ria Sharon. After listening to her interview (published tomorrow at BlogcastFM), I realized she gets about 8-10k visits per month.  If there are are mom blogs that have thousands of readers and audiences that I haven’t connected with, what other blogs are out there that are not on my radar. In fact I recently posted a request on Twitter to find the most “out there” blogs with a large following so I could interview a blogger who is completely out of this self inflicted bubble we have created. Do you know how many responses I received? ZERO.

Spend a few hours on Alltop and you’ll quickly realize there are highly successful bloggers in niche markets that we’ve probably never given any thought to. Why are we not looking to them for thought leadership, guidance, and more? It’s likely their perspective is extremely valuable and something we need to take into consideration. They might be the ones that get us from blogs to real businesses. What do you think, have we become the victims of a self-inflicted bubble?

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