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The Worst Case Scenario is You’ll be Better off for Having Done It

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One of the curses of a vivid imagination is that you’re able to dream up catastrophic worst case scenarios 

In case you’re wondering, those are my personal worst case scenarios. But nothing is ever as bad as I think it’s going to be. I’ve had moments when I thought life was really going to break me, get the best of me, and spit me out on the floor to flounder. Even when I’ve lost jobs, had girls who I liked not call me back, and more it doesn’t sting anywhere as near as bad as I think it will.  Eventually I move on.

 So why does this even matter? 

As you know there’s a strong correlation between your tolerance for risk and your potential for success.  But most people let their worst case scenarios determine how they show up in the world.  They overestimate how happy their success will make them and how miserable their failure will make them. So they stand on the shore instead of a having the guts to get in the water.  

You usually won’t die.  A few things I don’t recommend to get outside your comfort zone are:

Getting out of your comfort zone is not about taking on a suicide mission. It’s about putting yourself in a place where you do things that might not work.  That’s the worst case scenario. 

Your ideas  may be met  with resistance

You might fall off your surfboard the first time in the water

You might  come in last place in the the race. 

Somebody might ask for a refund on you 99 cent book (that happened to me this week)

People around you may raise an eyebrow (that’s usually a sign that you’re on to something big in my experience)

The worst case scenario is never as bad as you make it out to be. Despite all my setbacks, IBS, ADHD, and uphill career battles, I”m still here kicking. I’ll sum it  up with the beautiful words of friend Kamal Ravikant. “Your worst case scenario is that you’ll be better off for having done it” 


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