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The Top 10 Posts on the Skool of Life in 2011

As I told you a few days ago, don’t reflect, don’t look back, look forward.  Having said that I wanted to share what appear to have been my post popular posts in 2011. In case you missed them I’ve provided a brief summary and a link to each one.

1. 5 Ways to Give  Yourself an education that Kicks the Crap out of the One You Got in School

I suppose it’s fitting that the #1 post on the Skool of Life the challenges the value of formal education.  In this post you’ll find key resources online for learning just about anything you want.

Note: I learned to throw a football today because my friend in medical school watched a Youtube video about. I may not turn into Tom Brady anytime soon (although I wouldn’t mind being married to Giselle), but it’s amazing that I learned this because of a Youtube video.

2. 5 Warning Signs That You’re going to End up in Job You Hate

I wrote this after interviewing for a job  that I had a terrible feeling about. It’s possible that employer read this and I didn’t get the job because of that.  But, the fact that it got picked up by Consumerist tells me that I was right to trust my instinct

3. How to Sell Everything You Own and Leave the Country in a Month

While living the dream is not for everybody, it doesn’t surprise me that people are curious about what it takes to sell all your stuff and get out of the country. This more or less documents the process of what I did prior to my 6 month surf sabbatical in Costa Rica.

4. 5 Lessons for Learning Any New Skill

It seems I’m in constant search for a Nerve Rush. With skateboarding, and now snowboarding, I will have accomplished what I affectionately refer to as the board sports trifecta.  It seems that these provided some valuable lessons from learning any new skill.

5. How High is Your Tolerance

I’m beginning to realize that success isn’t necessarily about what you can accomplish, but what you can tolerate in the process of getting to your destination. Zig Ziglar said “the road to the top has lots of valleys and champions aren’t made on featherbeds.”

6. 4 Reasons that Most Bloggers Fail

The reasons people fail are not rocket science.  The truth is that most people fail because they don’t want to do the boring, unglamorous stuff like showing up every single day. But over time it adds up.

7. How to Stop Flushing Your Time Down the Toilet

I’ve become somewhat ruthless about managing my time as I attempt  experiments in productivity. If you read this you’ll be amazed at just how much time many of us flash down the toilet. STOP.

8. 8 Qualities Entrepreneurs Have in Common

At this point in my life I consider myself an entrepreneur. It’s good to know I’m not alone. It turns out we have some strange things in common. We’re all just a little bit crazy.

9. 14 Personal Finance Lesson You Never Learned in School

I’m no financial samurai, but through a few hard knocks and stupid decisions I learned some valuable personal finance lessons. If you’re on a date with a woman who has a small dog that she carries in a hand bag, don’t walk…RUN the hell out of where you’re at. Read the post if you want more.

10. 14 Life and Business Lessons from Richard Branson

I recommend you read everything by Richard Branson. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you’ll find it valuable, inspiring and educational. Of course you could just read this post and get the short version.

I hope you enjoy them. I’m signing off and hopefully carving up a resort in Tahoe.

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