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The Inner Circle, The Rule of 150 and Your Tipping Point

Without a doubt, relationships play a fundamental role in your ability to succeed as a blogger and in life in general. As I was going through my BlogcastFM interview with Dragos Roua, he made reference to Malcom Gladwell’s concept of 150 relationships to cause or create a trend. As I started to think about this, I started thinking about all the people that I interact with on a semi-regular basis in the blogosphere.

I’ve interviewed over 60 bloggers on BlogcastFM,  but there were certain ones that I just really clicked with. There’s certain blogs where I know my guest posts will be published and other bloggers who I talk to on a regular basis. Some of those people are even readers of my blog who I would say are part of my personal inner circle. I think it’s really important to understand who your inner circle is because they’re the ones who are going to instrumental to your success. Once you understand who is in your inner circle, you can really start to nurture the relationships you have with them.

To determine who I consider part of my inner circle, I used the following criteria (courtesy of Robert Granholm)

  1. Met them in real life
  2. Chatted on Skype and Kept in Touch
  3. Commented Here
  4. Promoted Each Other’s Content on Twitter
  5. Had a Dialogue on Twitter

I’m going to run an experiment over the course of Q3 and focus on nurturing 150 relationships on twitter. I have actually created a private list called my inner circle on twitter. I intend to promote the content of everybody that is on that list and at the end of Q3 I will report the results of this experiment. According to Malcom Gladwell, this is the magic number to making something reach it’s tipping point.   I’m going to put that theory to the test.

Why I kept the Twitter list Private:

So you might be wondering if you are in the my inner circle of if you can become part of it.  At some point it will probably become apparent to you that you are in my inner circle because I will be promoting your content The reason I’ve kept it private is because I don’t want the results of my experiment to be skewed. Just know that if you fit any of the criteria I mentioned above, you are in my inner circle.

So, how do you become part of somebody’s inner circle? It starts with reaching out, without asking for anything in return.

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