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The Indisputable Truth About YOU (It’s not what you think)

no denial
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If you think that I have it all figured out, I wake up every day with  a shit eating grin about how great life is and I’m in a perpetual Zen like state that makes you wonder if somebody spiked my coffee with ecstasy,  I hate to disappoint you.  I deal with the same fear, self doubt, and insecurity that you probably do. But, I’ve learned that I can’t always trust the voice in my head. It’s full of shit more often than I might want to admit.

The other day I received an email from one of the students here at The Skool asking if I could offer some words of comfort or wisdom. It’s always touching when somebody reaches out to me like that. But it’s also heartbreaking to see how a person can use words to construct such an unfortunate reality for themselves.

The Test of Indisputable Truth

The imagination is a bit of a blessing and a curse. When it works to our advantage we create things that make history, we do work that matters and we change the world. But when it works against us we construct worst case scenarios that never come true.  The reason I say that is that there is very little in your life that will pass the test of indisputable truth. This will be a rude awakening for some of you and liberating for others.  What you consider truth and reality are based on faulty assumptions that will start to fall apart when you examine them closely.

Example #1

Example #2

You can’t dispute truths. But you can poke enough holes in my interpretations to completely deflate them.  To do that we have to ask some key questions. 

  1. Who decided that my friends are more successful?
  2. Are there people who might disagree with that decision?
  3.  Whose definition of success are we talking about here?
  4. Would the evidence hold up in court?
  5. Can you find evidence to the contrary?

What you’ll start to see here is that we’re constructing a reality that is nothing but a house of cards. Pull out one or two cards and the whole thing crumbles. Once you start to separate the indisputable truths from your interpretation, your self destructive, self imposed limitations will start to lose their power over you. You’ll start to see that very little about you whether good or bad is an indisputable truth.

Just beware that the voice in your head might try to tell you otherwise so you might have to tell it every now and then to  shut the fuck up.


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