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The First Step

Far too often in life people fail to take the first step.  As I was thinking about what I was going to write this morning, I realized that I was guilty of not taking the first step; putting my fingers to the keyboard and just seeing what happens.  What causes us not to take the first step is that we don’t know what the second,  third and fourth steps will be. But, life doesn’t come with an instruction manual despite what those little books in Barnes and Noble may have you believe. Don’t get me wrong I love those books.  But to call them instruction books assumes that we can assemble our lives like a piece of furniture from Ikea.  If you’ve ever assembled furniture from Ikea then you know it’s like the adult version of Lego, and the instructions that come with Lego are easier to understand.

A while back somebody I was working with gave me a fantastic analogy to explain accomplishing something I didn’t know how to do. He said “If you were driving from LA to Chicago, you wouldn’t know that you’re going to have all green lights right?. If you were expecting all greens the entire way, you would never start your journey.”   If you’ve been a student of the Skool of Life, by now you know that sometimes life doesn’t ago according to plan.  So the lack of a clearly outlined plan shouldn’t keep you from taking that first step.

Apparently a new year is around the corner. I don’t see the New Year as a fresh start and I think resolutions are nonsense because that simply means you’ve been putting off things you should have been doing all year long. For me it’s just an opportunity to continue the things I’ve been working on and to keep taking steps in the direction of my dreams.  So today I want to encourage you to do one thing. Take the first step towards something.  Don’t worry about how the rest of it will all turn out. If you take the first step, the second, third, and fourth will become apparent. When you’re standing in a different place, the view changes and you’ll see things you didn’t see before.




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