Stop Keeping Score(for a while)

Stop keeping score of how much money you have

Stop keeping score of how many people comment on your blog

Stop keeping score of how many subscribers you have

Stop keeping score of how many visitors came to your blog

Stop keeping score of where you are in comparison to your friends

Stop keeping score of how many waves you catch

Stop keeping score of who’s ahead and who’s behind

Stop keeping score of your successes and your failures

Stop keeping score of anything that you can keep score of

It is very important for us to just stop counting every single move that we make and expect in our life. Expecting a result out of every single thing and then getting impulsive for it is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves personally as well as professionally. For instance, when you ’re your investments via reliable online tools such as more focus on your growth and strategies learned, though profits are very essential. Go through this web link and see how well you can make money step by step from the comfort of your home. This is the reason why the majority of the market experts recommend you to invest less money during initial stages of your investments. This is the time that you should give to improving your learning curve.
Similarly, when you are trying to teach your child the basics of a subject, do not focus on his or her result for the first few times. Rather, try to find out how he or she has been grasping the crust of that subject. Are they clear on their basics and do they develop a minimal interest in it or not. Once you have verified such requirements, only then you must concentrate on how to make it large for them. This is how they will understand the importance of making the foundation strong first and then trying to achieve their objectives.
These are just simple examples that will help you ensure that you don’t just run after success blindly without achieving basic motives. Everyone must understand the need for having passion first and then try to reach their goals using that passion.

Start doing that and watch all your scores go through the roof. Seems a bit counter-intuitive, but when I stopped keeping count of how many waves I caught in a session, I had a better time and I caught more waves.  How would that apply in your life?