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Stop Apologizing for Your Crazy Wild Eyed Dreams

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By the standards, of conventional wisdom the things that I want most out of life make no sense. But conventional wisdom yields conventional results and I just can’t accept that. It’s not how I ever want to live even if it would satisfy other people’s expectations. Whoever said your dreams and goals had to be practical was full of  shit.  It’s time start marching to the beat of your own drum. Bang it so loud that people think there’s a parade going on.

We start the pursuit of our crazy dreams with our eyes lit up and our hair on fire, ready to scale the biggest walls, climb the biggest mountains and ride the biggest waves.  Then some well intentioned jackass tells us to be realistic, pragmatic, and practical. Before long we’re chasing mediocrity and in a race to the bottom. I’m sorry, but good enough is not an acceptable standard.

We live in a culture of expectations, constant comparison and competition. The result is  a growing rat race of people losing sight of the difference between settling and settling down.  People run through the world feeling like they’ve got something to prove, get caught up in the ego driven pursuit of a life that looks good on paper and find themselves in therapy trying to recover from the mess.  I won’t be turning that assignment in even for an A on my report card and a magnet on the refrigerator.

Nothing to Prove and Nothing to Lose

The other day my friend Amy emailed me about a video project she’s working on with me and said she was scrambling last minute to put the next episode of our show together. After she finished she emailed me and said “not bad huh? considering I was scrambling.” No, it was AWESOME.

That’s what happens when you start to approach everything like you’ve got nothing to prove. It’s fucking liberating. Try it sometimes. Want to ditch class at the skool?  Go for it. No detention.. although we might throw a party in your absence with some good vodka.

If your life is a mess I’ve got some good news. There’s tremendous power in hitting rock bottom.  I know because it’s happened to me twice in the last few years. It’s also what put me on the non-linear path to success. When you start to play the game of life as if you’ve got nothing to lose, you will be working with a  blank slate. That’s great since you can’t paint a masterpiece on a cluttered canvas.

You don’t need a Reason to do Something Worth Talking About

The question of why we’re doing anything we’re going to do seems to come up over and over again.  Why do you want to paint something? Why do you want to learn to take photographs?  Why do you want to surf the world?

Ask any of these people why and it’s likely they’ll reply “why not?”

The lack of answers to this question of why keeps so many people from moving forward on the things they are genuinely interested in. The truth is you really don’t need a reason.  I want to you to consider that people who accomplish something remarkable are never called reasonable. 

How unreasonable are you willing to be?

The dictionary defines being reasonable as “not being extreme or excessive.”  Screw that…nothing inspiring about that.  As my friend Ash so brilliantly pointed out moderation is for losers.

The idea that you should be unreasonable might seem counterintuitive considering we’ve been taught our whole lives that being reasonable is actually a good thing. But when it comes to dreams and passions it’s simply not. When it comes to these kinds of things, be unreasonable.

People will continually challenge your pursuit of the things that make no sense and try to crush your dreams. Often it’s a byproduct of their own fear of not pursuing their own dreams. Don’t get caught up in living your life through the lens of other people’s expectations. When it’s all said and done, you’re the one going to the grave with these memories, not them.  It’s safe to say almost everybody regrets more the things they didn’t do than the things they did.  So stop apologizing for your crazy wild eyed dreams.  


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