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Standardized, Commoditized, and Sanitized

 Il gioco della bottiglia
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“The world doesn’t need more conformists. If you don’t fit in, celebrate that, and then get ready to stand your ground.” -  Laird Hamilton


For decades we’ve standardized, commoditized, and sanitized everything.  Schools measure people the exact same way: grades and test scores.   Despite having proven over and over again that these aren’t always clear indicators  of somebody’s potential, we force them into a system that stifles whatever brilliance might lie within them.

We leash their genius  to society’s life plan until they don’t believe they have anything special to offer the world, while becoming more standardized, more commoditized and so sanitized that we can barely recognize who they are.  Maybe this happen to you. It definitely happened to me.

I started by becoming standardized.

I walked the path of the conformist. I followed the map, and it took me straight to hell. But,  not a hell made of fire and brimstones. It was a hell of a different kind. It was a hell that you don’t even know you’re in, until it becomes so painful that you finally stop sleepwalking through life.

A hell made up of work that didn’t matter, never made a difference and never fulfilled me.  

A hell made up of miserable commutes, cubicle farms, and irritable bowl syndrome 

A hell made up of mimicry and imitation of the people I thought I wanted to be

A hell made up of making every single decision in my life through the filter of external value

A hell made up of seeking the approval of parent’s peers and society

A hell made up of constantly trying to arrive and never being where I’m at 

A hell in which my life was completely dictated by metrics and measurements

Then I became commoditized.

I went back to school where  I let the past determine what I would do with my future. I had a blank slate and was using it to recreate a different version of the hell I was trying to escape:

A higher salary

A more prestigious title

A stronger nod of approval

Even less sense of presence than before

By the time I was done I had become sanitized.

I was polished and perfect with a list of bullet points andy a piece of paper to represent who I was. But it was all bullshit:  a  facade of, badges,  adjusting employment dates and inflating responsibilities to  make it look like  I was more impressive than I really was.  The truth is I had nothing to offer because I had  been leashed so long ago, that I lost sight of the possibility that maybe there was more inside of me.

And eventually I pulled the plug, took the red pill and decided to see how far the rabbit hole goes. It’s endless. If you think that it’s heaven, you’re a fool. It doesn’t come without it’s price.

It’s an unpaved path twists and turns. 

Your days are uncertain

 Dreams take longer than you ever thought they would. 

You become exhausted by the journey, but deep down you know you’d never go back even if you could. 

That is simply the price for doing work that comes without any guarantees.


And  down the rabbit hole lies a world that you forgot existed:

A world filled with possibility

An opportunity to create what doesn’t currently exist

A world that you can shape, mould, and customize. 

A world in which you realize, anything that is  standardized, commoditized and sanitized is pretty worthless. 


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