Sometimes it’s Best to Call it a Day

The other morning my friend Clay and I went surfing at Venice beach. It’s somewhat of a Sunday ritual for us that we like to refer to as our epic Sunday. That usually entails beautiful weather and good surf conditions.

Whenever we go for our morning surfing ritual, I end up getting information about one new thing or the other. This Sunday was no different. While I had simply intended to browse around these guys, I got to know about the online trading of cryptocurrencies that I will talk about in my next blog. For the time being, here is the link that you could follow this past Sunday we got to the beach, grabbed a coffee, and went to watch the waves for a little while. The surfers in the water were catching some of the best waves we had see in a while.  When we looked at it, we knew that it was going to be somewhat outside of our comfort zones, but that’s where progress occurs.  So we decided to suit up and paddle out.

Surfing a bigger day is about finding the balance between courage and stupidity.  You kind of have to be willing to take a beating in exchange for getting a really good wave.  But paddling out on Sunday was probably more stupid than it was courageous

Within minutes of getting in the water we knew were probably in over our heads. Wave after wave beat down on us, as we struggled to get past the whitewater. We had thought we could paddle out between sets, but right when we got in the water another set started.  During a small window of opportunity, I made it past the whitewater. My friend never did and just got out of the water.

For the next hour I found myself scrambling  and getting pounded by 6 foot walls of water that would hold you under for 10 seconds. After realizing I was not going to catch any  of these waves I decided to get out of the water. That turned out to be worse than getting in the water. I got held under by multiple waves, swallowed a bunch of saltwater and the current had carried me really far from where I had got in the water. I wasn’t surfing, I was surviving.

When I finally made it out of the water, I found my friend sitting on the beach who it turned out had a similar experience. We agreed that it was more scary than it was fun and without a single wave decided to call it a day. When you feel like you you’re going to drown, you’re better off calling it a day.

There will be days in your life when you start out with the best of intentions. You’ll put your best foot forward and it will feel like you just keep slipping on banana peels.

  • Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep
  • Maybe you’re not feeling well
  • Maybe you’re just not in your usual rhythm.

Whatever it is that’s going on,  there’s no point forcing yourself into a less than ideal performance. If you feel like you’re going to drown, get out of the water for today.   Don’t judge your performance by your worst day. Sometimes you’re just better off calling it a day.