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Since I started this blog in April 2009, there have been a number of resources that have played an integral role in the growth of my blog and all of my social media efforts at my day job running Flightster. Every product below is something I personally endorse and have used myself. Some are free, while others have small costs associated with them. If you have any questions about any of my recommendations, please feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to reply.

Blogging/Mentorship Products

First let me start by saying that every single blogger I’ve interviewed has participated in some sort of mentorship or coaching program. While the information you’d find in many of these programs is probably available for free, two things happen when you purchase one of these programs. The first thing is that you get structure and guidance. Information overload is running rampant in the blogosphere and a coaching programs helps to focus your efforts. Additionally when you invest money, your incentive goes up.

WordPress Themes

One of the things that immediately impacts what people think about your blog is your design. I didn’t use a premium theme for a very long time, but the moment I switched themes and redesigned my site the response from the blogosphere was very apparent. I was taken much more seriously as a blogger. The best example I can think of a new blog that really has been launched properly is Another 20 Something, by my friend Monique. If you are not currently using a premium theme, I highly recommend you consider switching to one. Most premium themes are fairly easy to customize, resulting in a great looking layout for your blog.

Operational Tools

All of the tools below are mostly free, with a few exceptions. These are the tools that are part of my day to day operations and I use them so much that it’s like breathing at this point.

Desktop Applications

Twitter Clients

Email Providers

One other thing that I’ve consistently heard from every blogger I’ve interviewed is the fact that they wish they had started an email newsletter sooner. Believe it or not email is still one of the most important marketing methods and almost every successful blogger will tell you that they make their money off email.


If you are a blogger, and you are not reading at least one book a month, you’re missing out. Books have played a huge role in how I’ve come up with many of the ideas and concepts that I’ve come up with over the last year.



Resources from Other Bloggers

If you have other recommendations for resources that have been helpful in growing your blog, let me know in the comments below.