Remember Your True North

A few days ago one of my readers left a comment that forced me to sit back and think. He mentioned that he was worried about me and that he wanted my next post to be a truly positive one. It made me realize that he was in fact right. My last few posts, despite having small tads of inspiration have not been the most uplifting. I’d lost site of the notion that you get what you give. When you are on the path to turning your dreams into a reality any number of things can happen

  • You end up taking the scenic route through life
  • Things Don’t Go According to Plan
  • You get laid off from your job
  • All your Safety blankets disappear

Getting Past the Whitewater

The list could go on and on. When you surf one of the most difficult things can be getting past the whitewater, the obstacle that often stands between you and catching one good wave.  But you know in every fiber of your being that the payoff is worth anything you have to go through (i.e. getting pummeled by wave after wave). In fact your mind set is is usually “I’ll be damned  if I’m not going get my wave.” Throughout our lives with every goal, and every dream all we have to do is just get past the whitewater.  You might be tempted to return to shore, but if you persist you will make it to your take off point.  Sal Greco said something along the lines of the quote below, which really caught my attention:

”After the first time you get pounded by a wave, the second time you’re going to be much more prepared for the ride”

Preparing for the trip
Among all other preparations, the most important preparation is that of finances. The True North is a wonderful place to be but you will also need a budget to fall back on when the time comes. For that to happen, the quickest way out is to invest in Bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies have been ruling the financial market for a while now and it is also quite easy to trade with them. The first step in trading with Bitcoin code is to set up a personal account. Since it allows a fixed number of seats on a daily basis, you ought to claim your slot for the day. You will then have to fill out an online form, deposit a minimum amount for trading and start trading right away. To know more, you could visit our Url

Your True North

One of things we tend to do is get caught up in the obstacles that will inevitably arise on the path to doing anything that is truly worth doing. When we do this, we tend to lose site of our original purpose. We focus on things that don’t make a difference. Our resident poet, Archan Mehta was quick to remind me to remember my true north. For me that is building a media empire, surfing the world, and making great money while doing it. With everything that has been happening  over the last few weeks I’d really lost site of that.  Truth be told, if all of this hadn’t happen, I may have completely lost site of my true north.  I would have forgotten about the difference between settling and settling down.

Utilizing the money
Now that I have found out a way for you to make money by traveling to the True North, how about I tell you that there is a way in which you can utilize this money and make more money out of it? Yes, you can invest the money earned in trading Bitcoins online. Cryptocurrency is the real thing these days. With its decentralization, it has become even more popular with investors because it is now more lucrative. You do not have to worry about its authenticity since thousands of investors have already poured in positive reviews about the trading system.See this website, and find your own way of making the best possible use of your money.

How You Get There Doesn’t Matter

You’ve no doubt heard that there are multiple paths to the same destination.  Sometimes one turn in a different direction can make all the difference in the world. People don’t remember Steve Jobs for getting fired from Apple. We don’t remember the guys at Google for their investors wanting to pull out. We don’t  remember the great surfers of the world for their wipeouts. People have often traveled a rather uncomfortable road to success. The journey should be looked at as nothing more than a character building experience and preparation for your finest hour. So, toss your expectations into the ocean and learn to enjoy every minute of it.