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Q1 Review: New Chapters, Shifting Priorities and The Time For a Bigger Game

For those of you who are new to the Skool of Life this quarter, you might not be familiar with my quarterly reviews and marketing plans. Some of the older ones are quite detailed and could even serve as a framework for how to grow your own blog. I go through this process every quarter for a few reasons:

  1. To Share My Insights
  2. To Get Your Feedback
  3. To Have a Written Plan for the Next  Quarter

The Q1 2011 Report Card

Last quarter I had roughly 30,000 visits, not counting the fluke of the post that went viral and threw off my stats.  Overall, I’m happy with the growth. One thing you’ll probably notice is that I don’t even have the feedburner numbers on my blog anymore. I did this because I realized that I was wasting time worrying about the wavering subscriber counts rather than focusing on the creation of value.

Break Out Moments in My Career

I’m very excited about it and I’ve already started working on my presentation.

Goals that Weren’t Met

The Q2 Plan: Shifting Priorities and a Bigger Game

My relocation to Costa Rica and all the recent changes in my life have served as the catalyst to really push everything I’m working on to the next level. As a result Q2 is going to be heavily focused on revenue and making the transition from blog to business

4 KEY GOALS: Over the last few weeks in Costa Rica, I’ve realized that if there’s one thing I have going for me right now, it’s time. Strangely when you start to embrace the notion that 8 hour workday doesn’t make sense you seem to get quite a bit more done. I don’t believe in measuring effort. Personally if you work 80 hours a week and produce nothing, then you’re just an idiot who doesn’t manage time very well. If Jack Bauer can diffuse nuclear bombs in 24 hours,  we really have no excuse. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made every quarter is setting far too many goals. As a result many of them are not met, and I don’t give it my all for the ones that I do accomplish.  So, rather than work on a bunch of goals, I’ve identified 4 key goals.

So there you have it. In a nuthshell it’s a look back at Q1 2011  at the Skool of Life. So here’s what I’d like from you:

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