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Q1 2011 Marketing Plan For The Skool of Life

One of the things I think has been instrumental in my ability to keep growing my blog is the fact that I put together a marketing plan every quarter. On Thursday I’ll actually be doing a BlogcastFM webinar on how to put together your own quarterly marketing plan so if you’re interested, you should definitely attend.  You can go back and look at some of my previous marketing plans as well. I find that putting together this marketing plan helps me to deal with the information overload in the blogosphere and actually take action on the best ideas I come across.

A New Mission Statement

As The Skool of Life evolves, so does my mission. I think it’s safe to say that I will always be the guy who turns surf sessions into life lessons.  However, as we approach the new year I want the mission of the Skool of Life to be about three key themes:  Learn Anything, Be Anyone You Want, and Live a Life without Limits.

3 Key Goals for Q1

An Improved Email Newsletter

Expansion of my Network

I’m also going to focus on expanding my network and I have 3 key ideas that I believe will help me to do that.

Grow Income Streams and Develop New Ones

Order a 1 hour consulting Session for $50.00

So there you have it, the plan for Q1.  The reason I share this plans is because I think everyone who intends to grow their blog should do one. Hopefully this provides a useful framework for you as you develop yours. If you do write one up, let me know by tweeting it with the hashtag #2011MarketingPlan so we can all learn from each other.

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