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Below you’ll find links to products that I have created over the course of my time as a blogger. I will be expanding this portfolio quite a bit over the next several months with some new things of tremendous value.

If you haven’t heard the telelcass that David Crandall and I recorded, I can confidently say you will get a ton of value for the money.  I’m a huge believer in podcasts, multimedia content and the power of interviews to grow your blog.  I’ve interviewed close to 100 bloggers at BlogcastFM and I can say that learning from people through interviews has been instrumental in the growth my my blog. So feel free to take a look at what’ in this teleclass.

This is my most recent project. My life is all about efficiency and getting as much done as little time as possible. I hate spending hours in front of the computer and I really am not any good at it. So, feel free to learn more about this product by clicking on the e-book cover below.