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People Who Live on the Edge Have the Best View

The other day I got an email from my friend Brandon. The title of this post was something he said in his email.  If you want to talk about a guy who understands what it means to live on the edge and live that life at your disposal, you don’t have to look further than Brandon. The guy rode a bike from Berlin to India (not a motor bike, but a regular bike).  He even came back in between so he could go to Burning Man. I’m willing to bet that at the end of this life he won’t have wondered about all the things he should have done.

If the view is so much better when you live on the edge, then why are there so few people who do it?  Because it’s not easy and it’s not for everybody. Most of my friends or family members would never chose the that path i’ve chosen because it’s filled with uncertainty. It’s unpredictable and doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.  But based on my experience neither does the tried and true path. If you ask me what my education got me, i’d tell you that there are two pieces of paper that hang on the wall at my parents house and a bill shows up every month. If I’m going to pursue something that has no return policy, why would I take the risk of playing it safe?

Standing on the edge of success with adversity as the catalyst is enough to drive the average person to madness and lead them down a path of desperate measures and disastrous results. That’s a high price to pay for the approval of others and perceived stability.  Be weary of living your life through the lens of other peoples judgements and expectations. They are not the ones who are going to live with the consequences of your choices and actions. 

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