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Passion that Lights Your Eyes up

Today, I want to tell you about something that I think far too many people lack in their lives. Most people are only living a small percentage of what their life has to offer. I think that largely stems from the lack of a passion that lights their eyes up.

The thing with a passion that lights your eyes up is that it will permeate other parts of your life in a good way.  Most of you who read my blog on a regular basis know about the fuel for my creative fire. What you don’t get to see is the way my eyes light up when a swell hits and the conditions improve. It’s something I anticipate with childlike excitement because I know most of my creative thinking is going to get done and it’s just a continuation of my ongoing journey to be stoked for life. Sometimes I can barely sleep the night before because I want to get back in the water so badly.  I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. That part of ourselves is something that we unfortunately lose as adults.

People who have passions that light their eyes up often become defined by that passion and it becomes a part of their inner compass. For the artist that passion is creating works of art, for the writer written masterpieces, for the musician the thrill of the stage.   I’ve said before that the more we continue to look outside ourselves for fulfillment the more we are going to be a victim of the root causes of suffering. A passion that lights your eyes up allows for a high level of internal fulfillment. Once you have a passion that lights your eyes up, your life starts to take on a greater purpose, not just in terms of that passion, but in terms of your life as a whole.

If you need a good laugh, do a google search for the term “surfing has ruined my life.”  The funny thing is it has done exactly the opposite. It’s truly been in the inspiration for almost all of my online activity and my effort to build my online business. Strange how that works huh?  I think the reason that most people struggle to build their business is because they lack a purpose for getting it done. Once you have that purpose taking action every single day towards living the real purpose of your life becomes easy.  People who don’t have a passion that lights their eyes up become content with trying to “make it” in the rat race because it’s hard for them to imagine much beyond that.

I don’t struggle to write or to continually come up with new ideas because it’s driven by my desire to live a life that centers around surf conditions. It’s the driving force behind everything I do.

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