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A Guide to Turning Hobbies Into a Passionate Career

Crayola Lincoln Logs

Photo Credit: laffy4k via Compfight   “Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed by the fire of enthusiasm.” — Norman Vincent Peale When I was very young, I spent hours curled up with a book, either reading one or writing one. I also spent many afternoons playing outside with my brothers, enjoying [...]

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Superheroes and the Humanity in the People We Resent

Playing The Hero

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight The stories of our youth, if we all hold onto the hidden gems inside, can help us navigate the world like a superhero. The ChooseYourself-ers are the new superheroes. The ones who never lost their Kryptonian heritage  - James Altucher We’re all super heroes to somebody. James singlehandedly saved [...]

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How to Put Your Personal Development on AutoPilot

Sunset into Stockholm (1)

Photo Credit: Frans Zwart via Compfight There are few spheres of interest one is looking to improve while trying to implement personal development as a concept into his life. And the peculiar thing is that once you try to move things in one particular area of your life, the effect accumulates and gets quite dispersive [...]

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You were born to Make a Dent in The Universe

Taking The World By Storm

Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight Whether you realize it or not, you were born to make a dent in the universe. It’s your birth right should you choose to claim it. So why would you not let the world see this gift that you’re born with. You might be asking yourself what kind of [...]

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Avoid The Freeway, Take the Scenic Route

biG miNiaTURe wOrLd

Photo Credit: Sippanont Samchai via Compfight On the mornings when I wake up and I have to be somewhere I’m usually in a bit of a rush both mentally and physically. This morning the alarm went off a 5 and I had a chat with the voice in my head  “Slow down. We can shower, [...]

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