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Nothing of Great Significance is Achieved by Playing it Safe

 It's So Easy
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 I call my latest book a “career suicide.” In some ways it was the complete death of the person I was before this and the full embodiment of my inner misfit.  You have to eventually let go of who you once were in order to become the person you were meant to be.

As my friend Justine said in the forward to the book,  “The future belongs to the misfits. Maybe it always has.”

In a few weeks I’ll be returning to my alma mater to give a speech. My job is to inspire them, inform them and entertain them. I have to convince them not to choose from the options in front of them.  But I also have to  tell them the truth:

It might not work. 

But in my experience, the tried and true path wasn’t guaranteed either. The only difference between these paths is that the unsafe path has a far more significant upside:


Nothing of great significance has ever been achieved by somebody who played it safe.

AJ Leon says that your whole life can change in a brief moment of audacity.  Brief moments of audacity become habitual.  And  with each brief moment of audacity , the potential for doing something of great significance increases.  The other morning I was speaking with a writer who told me “There’s an opportunity to cost to every moment in your life.  By doing what you’re doing right now, you’re giving up the opportunity to do something else.”  That applies whether you’re at a job you hate, sitting in your ass watching TV, or wasting time reading my essays :) .

So now you have to ask yourself. Is it going to be the safety and comfort the tried and true path, or the risk of great significance? In either case, the only certainty is the lack of a guaranteed outcome.


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