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How To Live Without Regrets

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Have you ever noticed how real your dreams can seem? You experience the same sensations and same emotions. Sometimes you wake up in a cold sweat relieved that it was all just a dream.  Other times you wake up disappointed that it was just a dream.

The way we dream is an interesting glimpse into a world of infinite possibility. Inside a dream all of ourself imposed limitations seem to disappear. All the labels that destroy our potential lose their meaning. It’s a place of complete freedom, especially when you realize you are in fact dreaming (also known as a lucid dream). If there’s anything a dream teaches us, it’s to look beyond what we think is possible.

There’s a significant gap between what we thing we’re capable of and what we’re actually capable of. It’s something I referred to as the peak performance gap. But in order to reach it you have to find the courage to take off. If in all athletic ineptitude I learned how to surf, I’m convinced that we are capable of learning almost anything. You can even give yourself an education that kicks the crap out of the one you got in school.

Everything that you are comfortable and familiar with today was once uncharted territory. There was a time when you did not know how to walk, talk, write or drive. But today you do all those things effortlessly.  But when it comes to the more difficult things we’re quick to give up on putting in the thousands of hours that went into the things we do effortlessly.  Start dreaming beyond what you think is possible and you’ll set a whole new standard.

How to Live Without Regrets

If there is one question you left unanswered that would ultimately lead to regret, it’s “‘what if?” Yet so many of us leave that question unanswered and by the time we do find the courage to ask, it’s sometimes too late. Fear of losing the things they don’t even have keeps so many people from taking the chances that open up a world of possibilities.

When you step outside yourself and take a look at this behavior, you realize that it’s completely irrational.  We ask ourselves questions like “What do I have to lose?” which the brain conveniently will generate a laundry list of answers for. Then we trust that voice in our head which has constructed  a scenario that has absolutely no basis in reality. The question we should be asking ourselves is “what do I have to gain?” The brain will do it’s job and generated a laundry list of answers to this question, which also has no basis in reality.

If you are choosing between two scenarios that have no basis in reality, why not choose the one that has the potential for a favorable outcome?

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