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How to Sell Everything You Own and Leave the Country In a Month

First let me be upfront and say that I don’t think this will work for everybody. It’s just based on my own experience.  I’m single, don’t own a ton of things, and I have a job that can be done from nearly anywhere because I all I need is a computer and internet access. That being said I think many of these ideas will actually be useful for anybody who intends to sell their possessions and leave the country (even if it takes more than a month)


Let’s talk about money because it’s important. I spent the better part of the year religiously putting away money into a savings account at ING direct. I even broke it up as follows: emergency fund, vacation fund, world travel fund, and others. In fact any time I wanted to buy something this year I would setup what ING direct calls a sub account for the item, and just contribute a certain amount to it until I had enough. If I hadn’t done that, this wouldn’t have been possible.  You’ll have to get religious about this and stop buying useless crap. I think about 50 dollars a week was going into my Round the World Trip Fund. So it doesn’t take much. Over the course of a year that’s about $2400, more than enough to get you to your first destination.




So there you have it. It took me roughly a month to go through this process once I made the decision to relocate abroad.  As I said, it may not work for everybody, but you can take bits and pieces from it as you make plans for your own exodus.

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