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How to Measure Progress towards your 2010 Goals

For those of you who have forgotten, just eight short weeks ago we were all talk about everything we were going to accomplish in 2010. I don’t want to fall victim to the New Year’s syndrome and I don’t want any of my readers to either.
So, I figured it was time for a wake up call and a personal check in. First I have to give a shout out to Sara Davidson at WalkTalkChewGum because she commented on my Q1 Marketing plan which forced me to get off my ass a bit and get more serious about making all of these things happen. Below I’ve listed my main goals and where I am at in terms of progress towards them.

2010 Goal Review #1:


Guest posts/Content: When I created the plan for Q1 I had this really aggressive goal to write 2-4 guest posts per week and post several times a week here. As you’ll see I’m more or less on track. I’m not outperforming expectations quite yet, but having a plan has kept me consistent. In terms of my own content, a few conversations with A-list bloggers such as Jonathan Mead made me shift of my focus from quantity to quality. Below you’ll find a list of all of the guest post that I’ve written in the first 2 months of 2010.

Total Guest Posts Published: 14

Reader Growth: I set an extremely aggressive readership goal to go from roughly 500 to 1000 readers in Q1. Barring some sort of serious spike in the month of March, it’s probably not going to happen. But I’m ok with that and I don’t intend to change that goal. Focusing on a goal that is higher than what you’ll probably achieve will make it that much more likely to get you closer to the original goal. As the quote says “shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.”

Unexpected Twists and Turns: Part of what slowed my aggressive growth plans for the Skool of Life was the launch of BlogcastFM. It was something that was completely unplanned and unexpected. However, I think it as actually a really good thing even if it meant slowing down my efforts here at The Skool of Life.  I think my future success is going to be largely due to the work I’m doing at BlogcastFM. As a byproduct,  I’ll probably see some growth here at The Skool of Life.

Other (email, affiliates, etc):
I have not put nearly as much effort into developing  a more substantial newsletter as I should have. I can’t really think of any excuse other than laziness or lack of ideas. But I think it’s something that will become more of a priority to me over the next month. I finally have started to understand how to promote affiliate products. I realized that I could be an affiliate for anything that I use on a daily basis. This is because these are products I truly believe in. Take a look at my Skool Supplies page and you’ll see a list of everything I endorse and has been essential in my growth here at The Skool of Life. If you have questions about any of those products, feel free to email me. I have a generated a whopping $8.64 in affiliate commissions because of a friend purchasing his newest domain through me.  But it’s a start.

Income Goals Report:

I set a goal of earning 5000 dollars a month from the work I do here at The Skool of Life. I’m pretty far off and some of you might think I’m out of my mind, but that’s the number I’m aiming for first.  Last week I told you about How I made my first 700 dollars online, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but below I’ll share all of my Q1 income streams that are a result of this blog. For the purposes of this exercise I’ve left out the revenue I generate from my paycheck at my full time job since I don’t consider it a direct byproduct of this blog.

Advertising Revenue/Building a Client Blog: Below is the snapshot of income earned from the last 2 months


Part Time Consultant for Bio Ionic Haircare: $1000.00

Total Income Generated:  $1273.30

Personal/Miscellaneous/Un-categorized(Goals and Accomplishments)

How to Conduct your own review (condensed version):

I decided to write this post for a few reasons. After writing a post about why a blog is a personal development tool, I realized it gives you a great place to review and track progress towards your goals. It also gives you a great way to get feedback from like minded individuals. I plan to conduct this goal review at the end of every month because I’ve just realized how useful this exercise is. How are you doing with your 2010 goals? Did you fall victim to the New Year’s Syndrome? If so, how do you plan to get back on track?

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