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How to have a face to face confrontation with your inner voice


The other day I was listening to a podcast from a life coach where he was interviewing a client of his, and the client was talking about his new reality and how it had come about.  He mentioned the fact that  it was simply a matter of standing at the mirror and reading his story and affirmations over and over.  When I heard that I decided to take that idea to the next level and experiment.

The beauty of our lives today is modern technology has given us the ability to do almost anything, including reprogramming our minds for a new self image. I took out my list of affirmations, hit record in  in imovie, and recited my affirmations in third person.  Instead of “I am”, I used “you are.” By doing this, I have now taken the voice in my head and externalized it in such a way that it says positive things to me. For some reason, it seems to have the same, if not more powerful effect than using a mirror.  I chose to recite the affirmations in the third person because I’ve noticed that the mind seems to have less resistance to receiving an affirmation in third person.  So, how do you have a face to face confrontation with your inner voice?

1. Decide that it is not really a confrontation, but just time for reprogramming yourself with a new self image. The inner voice is largely what drives your self image, and now you’re going to come face to face with that inner voice on a daily basis.

2. Affirmations: Come up with  a list of affirmations, positive ideas, your story, etc that is about the life you want to have.

3. Record: If you have a macbook, this is really simple. Just open imovie, and hit record new clip, and you’ll be recording yourself. With a PC, you’ll probably need to get some sort of USB webcam, but even that should be pretty simplee.

4. Once you’ve recorded your clip, put it on your ipod or on your computer. Watch it every day when you wake up, and every night before you go to sleep.  Do this for 30 days and I’m sure you will notice a dramatic change consider you’re literally have a positive face to face talk with yourself.

Do you have any additional ideas to enhance this process? Share them in the comments. I’d love to hear them and learn more.

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