How to Create Your Blogworld Follow-Up Action Plan

If you attended  Blogworld this past weekend, then it’s likely you met tons of your readers, peers, fans and even new bloggers. You probably had lots of great conversations and discussed tons of potential projects. In fact, even as a complete extrovert(which apparently is unusual in the blogosphere) I found Blogworld to be quite a bit overwhelming.

Sid and I joked that we have so many ideas about revenue generation that we haven’t acted on any of them. Without  a plan and some follow through on your connections and the things you learned,  time at Blogworld will have been all for nothing. It’s important to execute your action plan while you are still fresh on the minds of all the people you have met. Otherwise life happens and you’ll forget about all the amazing ideas that are fresh on your mind.

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Now, let’s get into how to create your action plan. On my flight home I took out my new moleskine and started sketching out a strategic plan for all my projects that I’m currently working on. This whole process is going to be a bit different for everybody, but I think the ideas below will provide a nice general outline.

  • Sort Your Business Cards: There’s a good chance you collected a ton of cards. The first thing you should do is sort the business cards of everybody you met and on the back write a quick note so you have a reference to remember what you discussed. In my case it was mainly interviews with new bloggers for BlogcastFM.
  • Follow Everybody on Twitter: You’ll want to follow your new contacts on Twitter. I’m very big on using lists on twitter and you can check out my post on creating your inner circle on twitter.  Rather than sending them an email, just send them an @reply telling them it was great to meet them. Unless you discussed a specific project there’s no need to send a long email and add to the information overload. If you have them in a list you’ll now be staying in touch with these new friends on a regular basis.
  • Create a list of Project Ideas: While I was at Blogworld I came up with a ton of new ideas for projects and potential series ideas for the various projects I run. Put those projects into a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint  and rank them in order of importance. Then get to work  and do one each week. If the project takes longer than a week, don’t start the next one until the first one is finished. Most people don’t get shit done because they’re trying to get everything done.
  • Sketch out a 5-6 Month Strategic Growth Plan: This doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. A simple mindmap will do the trick. What I sketched out on my plane ride home was done on a moleskine during a 45 minute flight. But there’s enough there to keep me busy for a while.  As you know I’m big on creating marketing plans and you can read through mine from the last year on my Blogging Tips Page.

On to The fun Stuff: Remarkable People Doing Remarkable  Things

For those of you who were unable to make it, I hope to meet many of you in person next year. Describing the energy at Blogworld is hard to put into words. That much creative energy in a playground like Vegas is inspiring, exciting and overwhelming.  To meet all these people that you have only known online and to connect with them all in person is like being prom king or queen when you’ve been a nerd all your life. You feel like kind of like the popular kid in high school. Even the most introverted of people didn’t seem all that introverted to me.  Anyways,  on to the list of remarkable people. One side note: In the picture above it was kind of amusing to see that almost everybody that was with us had been on BlogcastFM over the last year.

  • Jade Craven: Jade is a super awesome connector of people who introduced me to so many new people it was crazy. But before we have any of her recommendations as new BlogcastFM guests, we’ll have her on the show.
  • Catherine Caine: Catherine is one of my former BlogcastFM guests that inspired me to get my own consulting efforts off the ground.
  • Erica Douglass: Erica Douglass is a wicked smart entrepreneur who did an SEO tutorial so good in my interview with her that people said we could have charged for the interview.
  • Eric Hamm: Eric Hamm is the creator of the awesome Frugal Theme which BlogcastFM uses. We got to sit down, have a few drinks and chat quite a bit.
  • Vik Tantry: Vik Tantry is new to the mix. He came up and just introduced himself and my immediate thought was “Who the hell is this guy?” He turned out to be one of my coolest new friends from the weekend.  He’s here to let you know that There’s Money Everywhere
  • Thursday Bram: I wasn’t the one to interview Thursday for BlogcastFM so I didn’t know much about her. But I finally got to meet her, and she’s up to some pretty awesome stuff. It turns out she’s taking notes on my interviews which I might be able to convince her to turn into BlogcastFM cliff notes.
  • Pace Smith: I’d heard of Pace before, but never met her, and she’s another remarkable person you should check out.
  • Ali Hale: Ali Hale is a former BlogcastFM guest  and somebody who has blanketed the blogosphere with her awesomeness.
  • Pat Flynn: Pat Flynn is the genius behind Smart Passive Income and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.
  • Shane Mac: Shane Mac is one of my former guests and now working at Gist which you’ll hear about in an upcoming BlogcastFM episode.
  • Dave Navarro: Dave is one of the most humble down to earth guys you’ll ever meet. When somebody at our table didn’t know him, he said “yeah, I’m a blogger.” That’s an understatement.
  • Johnny B Truant: I didn’t get to talk to Johnny much, but it was awesome to meet one of my podcast guests in person.
  • Adam Baker: If you want a great example of a  guy who worked his as#$# off to get where he’s at  in a short amount of time, Baker is as good as it gets.
  • Nathan Hangen: Nathan was one of my very first interviews before BlogcastFM even existed and it’s awesome to see him at the point where he’s a speaker at Blogworld.
  • David Risley: I’ve been a fan of David’s work for quite some time and he’s a  6 figure blogger so pay attention to him. He knows what he’s talking about.
  • Scott Stratten: Scott Stratten was this year’s keynote speaker and I’ve always been a big fan of his stuff. His thoughts on twitter have really increased the value I get out of it.
  • Kristi Hines: Kristi runs the popular social media blog, Kikolani. She’s super cool and her friday roundups are probably the best comprehensive summary of blogging tips around.
  • Annabel Candy: Annabel and I started blogging around the same time and who would have guessed we’d be meeting at Blogworld only a yer later.
  • Matt Kimberley: Matt is a new discovery who got a book deal after blogging for about a week. Don’t worry, I’ll have him as a BlogcastFM guest soon. Pay attention to him because he’s gonna be a rockstar.
  • Benny Lewis: Some of you may have heard the name Benny Lewis in one of my recent interviews. I dubbed Benny Lewis “The World’s best Wingman” because he speaks 9 languages and could help you pick up girls in a few different countries.
  • Chris Guthrie: I’d seen Chris’ name before.  He’s a genius at generating boatloads of money from Amazon.  Be sure to check him out.
  • Jordan Cooper: Jordan Cooper is exactly what you’d expect. He’s no different in person then he is on his blog, hilarious, irreverent, and entertaining
  • Nathalie Lussier: Nathalie runs the popular blog RawfoodsWitch and was one of this year’s Blogworld speakers. I’m looking forward to having her as a guest on BlogcastFM soon.
  • Lara Kulpa: Lara Kulpa is a name you have probably seen several times before. She sends out the Problogger newsletters, is the editor of Twitip and she’s an awesome person with lots of wisdom. If she’s not on your radar, she should be.
  • Daniel Scocco: I was really excited to meet Daniel since he’s Brazilian and I had lived in Brazil. He’s also got a really successful blog.
  • Darren Rowse: Darren was nice enough to host a party and most of the people on this list were actually all in the same room at the same time. Basically creative inspiration and genius at work.
  • Farnoosh: I knew of Farnoosh and had been on her blog a few times. I didn’t know how cool she was. She’s an amazing photographer and has great personal development blog.
  • Karol Gajda: Karol is ridiculously extraordinary and extremely tall in person. He’s also super friendly an all around great guy.
  • Traci Love: Traci is a super smart entrepreneur who has done some really amazing things. She’s even been included in Scott Stratten’s Unmarketing book.  I’m looking forward to also having her as a guest on BlogcastFM. In the mean time, go check out her site, TheBreadWinnerMom
  • Jonathan Mead: Jonathan is another one of those guys that you just can’t help but admire. He’s done some truly amazing things with his business and is a true role model.
  • Chris Ducker: Last and definitely not least is Chris Ducker. Chris and I had a blast hanging out and he’s one of the coolest and funniest guys you’ll ever meet. You’ll get to see a video of our VIP helicopter tour soon.
  • Heather Solos: Heather and I have been communicating on twitter for quite some time and it was cool to also meet somebody who has been reading my blog for a while.  I’m realizing her success as a blogger is quite understated and we could learn a ton from her.
  • Maria Brophy: Maria and I go way back to when we first met at networking event, literally a few days after I launched BlogcastFM. She’s been such a huge supporter of my work and has been more of a source of motivation than she might know. Thanks for all your support :) .

My Personal Strategic Plans

  1. Successfully Monetize BlogcastFM: I’m not going to say too much about this other than the fact that I had conversations with several potential sponsors. We’ll also be getting our audience much more involved.
  2. The 1000 Subscriber Manifesto: A few days ago somebody had asked me to compile my marketing plans into an ebook and sell it. I’m not going to do that. I’m going walk you through the last year and a half of my journey by writing the 1000 subscriber manifesto and give it away for free.  No emails signups or anything. I think it’s the best way for my brand to spread and for me to share my knowledge.
  3. A Substantially Beefed up Email Letter: I’ve openly admitted that my email newsletter needs work and I’m working hard on really beefing it up both for BlogcastFM and The Skool of Life.