How to be a connector Part II: World Domination

A little over a month back, I wrote a blog post called How to be a connector, based on the concepts in Malcom Gladwell’s book the tipping point.  When my roommate read this post this morning he said “You should write a post how to actually execute this.” So, I figured I could expand on the concepts I presented to share something that I think could be a very strong way to really build out your network of friends, business contacts, and essentially lifelines.  I want to take 4 Different groups in my life that I’m part of that don’t really intersect all that much, and show you how to broaden my network within each of those groups through a few simple steps.


As you see above I’ve separated out 4 of the different ways that I know people in my life. Each of them is full of people, but I don’t know every single person in each of those groups because that would be impossible. But it is possible to expand your network within each of these groups by ALOT, by doing one simple thing. Within each of these groups, there are organizations (i.e. Alumni Groups, Leadership Committees, Organizers, etc, etc). Hopefully you’ll see where I’m going with this. The people I have mentioned all have one thing in common. They interact with ALOT of people just by virtue of the roles they are in. Yet, most of these roles are all Volunteer positions It’s not that easy to fill them. The other day I realized that I had never tapped into my Berkeley network and I emailed the alumni coordinator for the LA area and told him I’d be interested in helping out if they had opportunities.  So I’m going to break it down for you in 4 simple steps.


1.    Identify all of the biggest groups that exist in your life (College, Grad School, Professional Association, Meetup Group, etc, etc).
2.    Within those groups Identify a subgroup that is fairly large, but has an opportunity to interact with alot of people (i.e. leadership committee, alumni group, etc).
3.    Take n Active Role in that group in any of these organizations
4.    Be a sociable person

I would imagine if you replicated this across 3-4 different areas of your life, you would have a massive network of contacts. As I wrote once before, according to many people, your income grows in proportion to your network. I figure it’s not a bad theory to test. The worst that happens is my income doesn’t grow and I have a  ton of new friends and awesome people in my life. The best has no limits.