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How often do you decide not to brush your teeth?


Hopefully the answer to that question is never with rare exception (i.e. you get drunk the night before, sleep somewhere you didn’t intend to, and don’t have a toothbrush).  I’m not speaking through experience ;) .  Ok, I’ll get to the point since I’m sure you are wondering what the hell this has to do with personal development.

In order for anything to be completely effective, you have to do it consistently. If you want to lose weight, you have to exercise consistently.  If you want to become a good writer, you have to write consistently. If you want to have clean teeth, you have to brush your teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Yet, when it comes to making changes in our mind, we tend to be a bit more inconsistent. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and say to yourself “Shit, I don’t have time to do affirmations today.” Can you imagine waking up in the morning and saying “I don’t have time to brush my teeth today.” That would be ridiculous.  All of these things are simply rituals and your personal development efforts need to be a ritual as well.

4 Personal Development Rituals that should be a Part of your Daily Life

Affirmations: In order for an affirmation to work it needs to be something you do consistently. So, how do we make it effortless? Combine it with something you do everyday, brushing your teeth. Conveniently, the best time to do affirmations is right when you wake up and right before you go to sleep (the two times you are usually brushing your teeth).

Power Questions: I am a huge fan of power questions because I’ve found them to be one of the most effective personal development techniques. This should be another habit that you incorporate daily.  You can write them down and paste them on your bathroom mirror or just remember them.  Ask yourself these questions in the shower and you’ll start your day off in a very powerful mood.

Visualization: You do this all day long. You simply are making pictures in your head and thinking about what it is you want to experience. Arguably you can do this almost anywhere. You don’t have to close your eyes to visualize.  Take 15 minutes in the morning while you are having your coffee or breakfast and just think about what you want in your life. Make sure you are in a good mood before you do it.

Goals: The other day I was talking with a friend about goals and he mentioned something interesting to me. He’d been wanting a promotion at his job. So, for the last month he wrote down his goals every single day.  Now, he’s actually on the verge of promotion in exactly the position he wants. I realized in that moment, I had completely forgotten about my goals. I wrote them down, but I only reviewed them every so often. Now I just sit and read through my goals during my visualization practice, and I kill two birds with one stone.  Just reading them through them every single day, you will likely make much more progress towards them because they will be fresh on your mind.

Treat your mind like you treat your teeth. Clean all the crap out if it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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