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How I Made my First 700 Dollars Online


6 months ago I never thought I’d be writing this post. But, it actually happened.  Yesterday I spoke with Johnny B. Truant (who is awesome), about how he made his first 100 dollars online and thought I’d write a post about how I made my first 700 dollars online. In January of 2010 I went from making absolutely nothing to 700 dollars in one month as a byproduct of this blog. It’s not huge, but it’s a milestone.

Many interesting and unexpected things have happened as a result of this blog. If you stick it out those kinds of things will probably happen to you too.  The interview series which I ran here for a few months has spun out into a new joint venture called BlogcastFM. You can’t always predict what any of your ideas can do even if they are really simple, so just do them and worry about the results later. A few weeks back I wrote a post at under30CEO titled “How to monetize your blog without selling advertising, affiliate products or any other products.” A more appropriate title was probably ”How to use your blog as a platform for revenue.

Some guidelines:

It takes time, but it doesn’t have to. It’s taken me a while to get to this point but it didn’t have to. There are people who make a ton more money and do it much faster. It all comes down to planning for it which takes me to my next point.

Marketing Plans Actually Work. You don’t need anything fancy as you’ll see from my Q1 marketing plan.   It’s not anything complicated, but it’s an outline and something to aim for. Will everything happen exactly as planned if you do that? No. But it gives you a direction to go in. Putting that plan together was what allowed me to figure out that craigslist could lead me to some cash if I posted a freelance ad.

It’s going to be really hard with advertising. I’ve never made much with advertising. I have some text links on the side and they make my blog look kind of weird, but it’s 25 bucks every month for nothing.  But there’s no way I could make 700 bucks from ads even with a ton of traffic. Besides, Larry and Sergei already have enough money to last a few generations.

Write Down Your Goals: This kind of goes along with a marketing plan. But, since this is a personal development blog, I always incorporate many personal development concepts into accomplishing my goals for my blog. I’m a big believer in goals, autosuggestion, commitment, and consistency.

Use your Blog as a Platform. Once you start to realize your blog even with a few hundred readers is a great platform to test ideas, there’s no limits to what you can do. The interview series was nothing more than an idea I tested and it turned into a project of its own. Let’s say you have an idea to do something with video.  Just do it. Who cares if it fails? You’ll gain feedback and you’ll gain new insights which might lead you to your next idea.

You don’t need a shitload of traffic. I honestly don’t have boatloads of traffic. There are days when even less than 100 people visit my site. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve found a form of generating income that doesn’t depend on traffic. Freelance work can’t possibly be the only thing that doesn’t depend on traffic. I’d love to get more ideas from you guys about other revenue generation methods that don’t count on traffic.

The Income Streams

Built a blog for a client($200.00): Through a simple ad on craigslist, I got hired to build a very simple WordPress blog for a client. You may not realize it, but if you’ve run your blog for about 3 or 4 months you already have a skill set that you can cash in on. There are so many new blogs launched every day and plenty of people who are willing to pay you for this.

Social Media Consultant($500.00): This is also a part time gig that I landed through craigslist. It’s a recurring revenue stream. The client is called Bio Ionic Haircare.  What I do for them? I maintain their Facebook fan page, run their promotions and contests and give them ideas for how to grow their fan base.  Basically, I get paid 500 bucks to do for them what I do for my blog.

There is however one major flaw in the way I’m generating revenue. It doesn’t scale and it isn’t very well suited for lifestyle design. The income is not passive so it doesn’t set up my life so I can get paid while I hang out at the beach and surf. So, my next goal is to do more work on identifying passive income streams.

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