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How a Tumultuous Career has Led me into the Pursuit of a Better Life

By conventional standards or measures I’m not exactly what you would call successful.  Then again, I’m also a guy who believes  conventional wisdom yields conventional results. I don’t have any Ivy league degrees, transcripts with straight A’s or a resume the warrants envy.

Recovering from a Tumultuous Career

So why tell you all this? For years I’ve been putting on an act in every job interview I’ve had. I’ve been trying to spin this story into something that would make me a viable candidate for a position.  I’m not what you would call the poster child for corporate success. But, at this point I’ve got nothing to lose and I’m too tired to bullshit. I can’t look at another potential employer and spin it anymore. Let’s face it Spin Sucks. This is why I say don’t hire me based on my resume.

I’ve only really done two things right in my career. One is the Skool of Life and the other is BlogcastFM. The less than stellar  track record above has forced me into to the pursuit of a better life.  Both my endeavors have resulted in more noteworthy accomplishments in two years than all of my jobs combined:

These endeavors are the two things that I’ve had the longest tenure with and the most success with.  They are the only parts of my career I can look back at and be proud of. I think back to the words of the VP who told me “you don’t seem like the kind of guy who is interested in controlling your own destiny” and I’ve really started to question if my attempt to return to a corporate job is really even worth the time and energy.  Perhaps something different is calling and it’s time I listened to that, embraced it in full force, and put every ounce of effort, energy, and passion into a singular pursuit until I either succeed or die trying.

Is it possible to recover from a tumultuous career? Is what lies ahead far better than the corner office or VP title I might have eventually had?  The beauty of having nothing to lose, is that you can play the game of life as you have nothing to lose. It’s possible that I will commit career suicide by publishing this post. I guess there’s only one way to find out.

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