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Guest Post: One Thing We All Need to Know

This guest post was written by Robby from Ask Robby G where he specializes on giving dating advice through a Q&A format.

Patience, passion, hard work, perseverance, you hear everyday how important these characteristics are on the path to success. One thing I feel doesn’t get as much emphasis as it should is the power of marketing. It does not matter how much blood, sweat and tears you put into a product or a website, if you do not take the right steps to marketing that product, success will take much, much longer to achieve. Though I personally have an artistic eye and have my moments when it comes to writing for my blog and writing novels, when it comes to marketing my work, I come to a standstill.

Reasons Why I Suck at Marketing

It was only recently that I came to a realization what sort of impact it can have if you do it right. For example, when I wrote my first novel, I was so excited to quickly edit it and get it out there that I didn’t even have a plan as to how people will even find out about it and why on earth anyone would purchase anything written by me, an unknown player amongst millions of other writers out there. My novel was a complete flop. But I did not give up. I read it, re-read it, and sat back down at the drawing board. It was time for something bigger. It took me another five months to write my second novel, but I was going about it another way now. If you know anything about publishers is that they don’t care too much about first time authors who do not have a big name to themselves yet. I invested five months into producing something new and I wasn’t ready to make the same mistake I made the first time around. This time, I took an extensive time to edit the work, get opinions of others, think of ways to perfect the product before launch. Now, I’m at a point in time where I know that I have to create a strong pre-launch campaign by letting as many people as possible to know about the book. Finding people to interview me about the book and contacting magazines to publish snippets of what to expect in once it is published, etc.

When it comes to launch, it will be another struggle. Getting out there for book signings and even invest some money to get posters and advertisements of the book will be a necessity to get the name out there. Sending copies to magazines and bloggers for reviews, sending copies to bigger publishers, to filmmakers, to anyone that could be interested in mentioning it. Hell, even send a copy to Oprah. The point is, when you are in the process of marketing, you need to get out there and do it. Do not hesitate. Do not fear rejection. Do not fear negative feedback. If you spent so much time on getting your product come into fruition, an extra month or an extra hundred dollars should not be a concern, because it is marketing that will essentially sell your book or your product or make people notice your website. Of course you can take the hard way and hope that you’ll get lucky and your product will one day be noticed by someone big in the industry, but it is better to make yourself known rather than wait in the sidelines.

Marketing is crucial in anything you do when you want to make money. Whether it is marketing a website, a product, or a name for yourself, you must make sure as many people are aware of what you are offering as possible.

What Will Marketing do for Me?

Do not expect that marketing will do everything for you, because firstly you will need to develop a much needed product that will serve the public with something useful. But then, give marketing the respect it deserves and spend time on your campaigns until you are almost guaranteed that it will create enough buzz around your product that it will end up selling on the day of the launch and in the years to come.

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