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Guest Post: Majority Rules Do Not Apply to You

I’ve discovered a secret. It’s one of those secrets that everybody hears about, but only a few people listen to and take advantage of. It’s in the same vein as “passion is the key to success” or “education supplements, but does not define you”. It’s one of those truths that we don’t take a chance on because it’s not guaranteed to work.

I’ll release you of your suspense early on and tell you the secret:

If you want to achieve greatness, success, power, glory, and ultimately happiness (by the process of doing), you must internalize the belief that rules that the majority accepts do not necessarily apply to you.

I acknowledge that there are some rules we can’t break because of the law (we have no choice but to wear clothes) and some truths that simply can’t be strayed from (the only way to mastery is through practice), but there are other avenues in life where rules are meant to be broken; the same rules that everybody as a whole follows.

Everybody goes through the education system.

Everybody treats college like high school 2.0.

Everybody thinks having a job is the only way to make a living.

Everybody is afraid to think differently, lest people think differently of them.

Everybody sends in resumes to get the same position.

In all honesty, you’d be right if you retorted my accusations with, “But John, what everybody else does usually works.” I agree with that. These actions work to the extent that they achieve the desired affect: in other words, getting what everybody else has.

Newsflash: You are NOT everybody. You don’t have to BE everybody. You don’t have to get what everybody else gets. The majority of people don’t work towards what they love, but only do what they have to do to get by. The majority of people don’t innovate, but reinforce. We all know that we can make money getting a job – it’s a tried and true formula that’s been tested for hundreds of years. We’ve seen the results: a 9-5 existence that rewards you with a sustainable income in exchange for your most valuable resource; time.

Has anyone ever thought, “Hmmm, what how else can I make money? Better yet, how can I make money by doing something I enjoy?” Yes, few people have. And those individuals are the ones that we all know (or will know in a decade’s time):

…and countless others whom I don’t have time to name.

These people have changed the way we view majority rules. These people stand out because they believed that innovation and creativity are the only rules. Majority rules will continue to create majority results. A true genius is one who tests assumptions, challenges authority, and takes pride in waling the path less traveled.

Do you want to be different? Do you want to be free of the majority? Then take heed to these three ideas:

  1. Experiment and create
  2. Practice, practice, practice
  3. Connect with the people who are where you want to be

As time goes on, it’s becoming less and less safe, and more and more risky to stick with what everybody else does. Creativity and innovation are already more highly valued than the checkpoints on everybody and their mother’s resume.

This isn’t a secret, but a universal truth. Do what you love better than anyone else. Master it, breathe it, live it. 10,000 hours later, no common pencil pusher will be able to replicate your ability. But never forget to do it differently and in an innovative way.

Trust me on this one that the majority of people will never follow this advice. They’re too busy doing what everybody else does.

John Anyasor is a college student (like everybody else) but he’s taking advantage of the opportunities he has there by pursuing his interests and testing assumptions. He writes on his personal development blog, HiLife2B. There, he gives commentaries on the ups and downs of life and its improvement. Follow him on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

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