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Give it One More Day and Take Another Step Forward

“Remember success might be around the corner, oner the next hill or the end of the next effort” – Zig Ziglar

The other night when I was filling out my Pick Four Goals planner I saw the quote above. It got me thinking about what it takes to accomplish some of our most difficult goals.  In many areas of our lives we’re use to immediate feedback and instant gratification.  But accomplishing anything of great significance requires us to comes to terms with delayed gratification. My friend Benny Hsu wrote a really fantastic article last week about what I call the compounding effect of small actions:

Give it One More Day

As I’ve said before your circumstances today don’t determine what’s possible tomorrow. You have the option to view every single day as a blank slate.  It’s like starting from scratch, but with the skills and experiences you developed yesterday.  As a result your odds of success are going to naturally increase. Talk to anybody who has ever learned to snowboard and you’ll hear this story. The first day is terrible and you’ll be on your ass for most of it.  By the second day you get your bearings and are more comfortable. By the third day you’ll be able to shred. Going three days in a row makes that much of a difference.

Take Another Step Forward

Another thing I’ve said before is that when you take a step forward, the view changes. Once the view changes you’ll see opportunities and other things you didn’t see before.  Remember that success isn’t necessarily linear. 

Put off Quitting Until Tomorrow

If you really feel the urge to quit, do it tomorrow.  After all if you’re going to quit anyways, waiting one extra day won’t kill you. You might have read that and thought “But then I’ll never quit.” EXACTLY.

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