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Settling vs Settling Down

In the last few weeks I think I’ve received what seem like half a dozen announcements of friends having babies, friends getting engaged and friends getting married. When I told my dad about all this, we got off on a tangent about my own situation, which resulted in my discovery of the 3 hidden dangers of the herd mentality. The idea for this post had been brewing since then, but the words were taking some time to come to me.

Settling vs Setting Down

Far too often in life, I think people fail to make the distinction between settling and settling down. I’m going to go out on a limb and say more people actually settle than settle down. There are of course those who are smart enough to understand that difference and in my mind those are the people that have happy and successful lives.

Settling vs Settling Down in Your Career

I’ve seen alot of people settle for less than what they want  in the last year. I was almost one of them. There’s no doubt that the economy has forced people into less than ideal job situations and I can respect that not everybody can easily walk away from a job in two weeks. But, what’s the long term cost of this? If had stayed at the job I hated, within a month I would have been fired and I would have been writing a different blog post and living a different life today.

Signs of Settling:

Signs of Settling Down:

Settling vs Settling Down in Relationships

When I look back at the two relationships I had, in one I settled for my first girlfriend so I could experience a relationship. I settled for my second girlfriend by putting up with things that I would never want in a relationship.  Settling in relationships is a dangerous place to be. When you settle in a relationship you potentially fu#$# up two people’s lives, yours and the person you settled for. It’s not fair to you or them. So, I’ve vowed to myself that this is one area of my life where I WILL NEVER SETTLE.

Signs of Settling

Signs of Settling Down

Waking up from the Matrix and Realizing What’s Possible

Once you have broken free from the chains of the matrix and come to terms with the many signs that the matrix has you, then you enter another one of the phases of the personal development journey, that I may not have touched on. You realize what’s possible. Once you realize what’s possible there’s no going back. So it’s enlightening and terrifying all at the same time. You see that it’s possible to shape your life the way you see fit and anything less is unacceptable.

It’s in this moment that settling is no longer an option. I encourage you to give some thought to where you have settled in your life. It might be a bit disturbing at first and you may have made some uncorrectable mistakes.  Don’t worry about that.  Instead, work on a future where you will not settle. What have been your experiences with this?

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