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Focus on the Creation of Value

As I get further along in my journey as a blogger, entrepreneur and student in The Skool of Life, I’m beginning to realize more and more everyday that the most important and powerful thing anybody can do is to focus on the creation of value. From time to time I enjoy rereading a book I’ve read (something I recommend you do). A few days ago I was reading Seth Godin’s book Linchpin again and there was a great section about Richard Branson. He mentioned that any of us could do what Richard Branson does except for about 15 minutes a day, because in that 15 minutes he creates billions of dollars in value.  That really struck me and I wanted to think about how that philosophy could be applied to my own life, blog, and career.

Small Ideas and Big Results

One thing that seems to be my forte is rapid fire extreme levels of productivity.  I didn’t even realize that until one of my friends who doesn’t comment on my blog told me she liked my productivity posts. It turned out that this was some of my most popular content.  Feel free to dig through my time management tips if you are a new reader.  When somebody asked me about my thoughts on social media I said “I look for one small idea that generates massive results so I can schedule my life around the surf conditions.”  The core idea behind this really is making sure that everything I do creates tremendous amounts of value for the people who will come in contact with it. With every tweet you send, every blog post you write, and every comment you leave, if you ask yourself the question “How can I create an insane amount of value?”, you’ll start a notice a huge momentum shift in everything that you do. You honestly don’t need big ideas. You need simple ideas that generate big results.

My Personal Value Creation Examples:

  1. When I started BlogcastFM it was all about trying to get as many A-list interviews as I could and hoping they would tweet about it so that the interview would spread. That didn’t really work as I thought it would. But, as the audience started to speak up and I started learning what they wanted, my entire focus shifted from finding big bloggers to creating insane amounts of value in every interview
  2. How I grew a brand new blog to over 20,000 page views in 2 months
  3. When I do a consulting session with somebody I look to put enough into one hour so they have 6 months worth of work to do when they’re finished talking to me.

By focusing on the creation of value you set yourself apart from the masses and you start to become a linchpin. This is the real formula behind how I get so much done in such a short amount of time.

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