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Fear of Uncertainty and the Flip Side

Anytime I go out and surf on a bigger than average day I start out with a bit of fear in the first 30 minutes. I actually let a couple of waves go by. But, then something happens. I catch the first wave of the day and the adrenaline kicks and the fear is obliterated.  From that moment on I can’t get enough and I just want to feel that rush over and over again.

Yesterday I realized that it’s just fear of the uncertainty.  You might be thinking “how is that fear of the uncertainty?  You’re like a fish with the amount of time you do this.” That’s absolutely true, but every wave is different and it’s different every time you paddle out. So it always takes me a slight adjustment period before I start going for waves.

The Flip Side of Fear of the Uncertainty

On the flip side of fear of uncertainty is often a very incredible place. Once you’re on the wave you’re in a state of complete and utter bliss. So let’s look at how this applies to your life:

How often are you not going for your wave when it comes?

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