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Don’t Reflect, Don’t Look Back, Look Forward

I  know that by now you’ve probably read a dozen posts reflecting on the last year and talking about plans for the new year.   That’s all well and good, but I think sometimes we just need a kick in the ass and a wake up call. So none of this look back on the year nonsense from me. In the past I used to take a look back at the last year, but this year has honestly kind of sucked. There was even a day  where I almost thought I was going to die (yep that damn near 13 foot wave scared the absolute shit out of me)

There have been more valleys than peaks and I was honestly afraid to say until Gini Dietrich came out and said it. If there’s anything my experiences in the last year have taught me it’s that when we dwell on the past too much it’s all we see when we look into our future, and we forget that that we can just stop waiting for permission to be extraordinary.  The past is nothing more than a cluttered canvas of experiences, events and circumstances in your life that warp your impression of what’s possible in the future. You can’t paint a masterpiece on a cluttered canvas.

So, don’t look back, don’t reflect.  The best damn thing about the past is that it’s over and your future is a blank slate of infinite possibility, if you’re willing to look at through the lens of that one question that will make a dramatic difference in your life.  Look Forward

Make Commitments Not Resolutions

I personally hate New Year’s resolutions because resolutions are nothing more than a list of unfulfilled commitments.  Most people who make New Year’s resolutions don’t make any real progress towards their goals because they only give some thought to what lies ahead in January. Temporary motivation doesn’t result in permanent change.  Action is the only thing that generates a result.

Time is way too precious an asset to keep flushing it down the toilet. Look forward

Beware the Dream Crushers

I’m not where I’m supposed to be in life. My friends are all getting married and having kids so I should be. Most of the people I know are where they set out to be with their careers, so I probably should be.  People I know are making really good money, so I should be.

This is the kind of thinking that can drive anybody to madness and misery because it’s all based on comparison. When you lose site of the comparative and competitive disadvantage you start a journey down a rather dangerous path. There’s no timeline for success, yet people place false limitations on what’s possible by making decisions about the right time to do certain things.  When you start to give into these things you start to operate through brute force and you continually resist the circumstances of your life. But, resistance kills your flow. Look forward

Throughout the course of your life you’re going to be met with potential dreamcrushers. They won’t want you to challenge the status quo. They believe in the tried and true path and believe tremendously in the importance of fitting in. They have timelines for when everything needs to be done and don’t really see the difference between settling vs settling down. They will infuse doubt and disbelief into your wild eyed dreams. So, what’s the solution? Don’t talk too much about your wild eyed dreams until they’ve been accomplished. Until that happens you’re just a dreamer who is crazy enough to think you can change the world. So just go out, make shit happen and look forward.  Class is dismissed.

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