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Do you have a blogging entourage?

Hang out in the blogosphere long enough and you’ll start to notice an interesting pattern. It’s something I’ve referenced in the 100’s of interviews I’ve conducted at BlogcastFM. Every blogger who has been around for more than a few months seems to have an entourage. These entourages seem to be a natural byproduct of when each of these people started their blogs.  Let’s look at some popular and emerging entourages and then I’ll actually dissect the keys to forming your own entourages.

A Popular Entourage: For those of you who have just arrived to the party, the entourage below is one that you should pay close to attention to for several reasons. First off, every one of them makes their full time living with their own businesses. They either started roughly around the same time or they were proteges of one another. They’re all extremely good at what they do. They’ve all worked with each other on projects or helped each other become successful.

An Entourage on the Rise: These guys are new to the party, but don’t discount them. You’ve heard before that little bloggers become big bloggers, and these guys won’t be small for long.

How to Create Your Own Blogging Entourage

I see alot of things like stumbleupon clubs, tweet clubs, etc and most of them are epic failures and the groups usually dissolve. Here’s why. They’re too big. At most your entourage should be 5 people.  There’s no magic number but somehow when you get above 5 the inefficiency clusterfuc#$# starts. It’s the same reason why I think corporations are so inefficient. The more people you add to a group the more the flow of communication slows, and the more gets lost in translation. Another thing to remember is that the entourage in the case of bloggers is not about any one person. The key is to keep every single person’s stock on the rise. Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about how you do this.

Those are the basics of how you form a blogging entourage. Don’t overcomplicate it.  The entourage will eventually take on a life of its own and soon your entourage will be on the radar of  the virtual world and on its ways to rockstar success.

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