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Conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths


As we come close to the end of 2009 and we start thinking about new goals and things we want to accomplish, I think it’s important to conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths.  Earlier this year I said that it’s important to ride the wave in the direction it’s taking you.

Aligning goals with your greatest strengths is a great way to not only ensure success, but ensure that you are at the top of your game. Whether it is for your blog, your life, your health or anything else, focusing on your greatest strengths is the key to successful goal achievement. Let’s take a look at this in greater detail.

5 Ways to Conduct Your Inventory

You might be wondering how to conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths, so I’ll give you 5 simple ways to do it.

Look at Your History: Certain things in life have always come easy to you. For me it’s been speaking with people.   I find talking to new people easy, and thus my podcast fuels quite a bit of content for my blog.

Ask Your Friends/Family:
This is always an interesting thing to do because it’s basically getting to hear the things your friends like most about you, so it’s flattering. Ironically, they’ll sometimes tell you things that you are not even aware of.

Ask the World:
If you’re on Facebook or Twitter and people have been following you, then you can put up a status update and based on your tweets/updates prior people might be able to assess some of your strengths.

Take Discover Your Strengths:
While I’m not crazy about all these tests, they do have merit. In fact they are quite accurate most of the time.  You’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself and then can put it to use.

List your greatest successes:
While this similar to looking at your history, making a list of your 10 greatest accomplishments might enable you to see a pattern that connects all of them.

If you go through this exercise with the intent of setting goals based on these strengths, you will set goals that you are excited about and have a strong capability to accomplish.

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