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Chose a Life Made up of Experiences Instead of one Made up of Possesions

The other day as I was driving home from a lengthy surf session at San Onofre, I started going through all the waves I’d caught that day in my head and it evolved into the idea that experiences will always be worth more than possessions.

A Life of Possessions:

Every material thing that’s newly acquired will eventually be old. To add to that, when you die you can’t take a single one of these things with you.

A Life of Experiences

A life of experiences is far richer than one of possessions when you’re faced with the end. Those who have a life of experiences die rich. Those who have a life of possessions may die rich,  but will find themselves empty handed once they cross over to the other side.  There’s a physical limit on possessions and a life of experiences is a life without limits.

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