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Celebrate Victory, Celebrate Defeat, Celebrate Success, Celebrate Failure

The other day I found myself thinking about the movie The School of Life, which was in the inspiration for my blog. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend adding it to your netflix queue or just getting your hands on a copy of the DVD. I promise you’ll walk away from it feeling just a bit more inspired. Anyways, there is concept I want to share with you from the movie, and that is to celebrate everything: victory, defeat, success, and failure. You might be thinking “WTF?.”  In the movie The School of Life, the main character encourages this exact mentality in all of his students.

Celebrate Victory: Celebrating victory is something that is pretty straight forward and it’s not something you need much advice for. But, one thing we sometimes forget to do is celebrate the smallest success.

Celebrate Defeat: I know the idea of celebrating defeat seems a little bit off. But, there is a certain scene in the movie The School of Life that made me realize the benefits to celebrating defeat. As a junior high basketball team is losing, the main character/teacher (Ryan Reynolds) encourages the team to cheer and be happy even when they are getting their as@#$$# kicked. Then something interesting happens. The team actually starts winning. I realized yesterday that what causes this is the mind set of celebrating. Like attracts like and if you come from the mind set of celebrating, eventually you’ll have plenty to celebrate about.

Celebrate Success:
Success is something that should be celebrated even when it occurs in small doses. But sometimes, we set our standards for success so high that it makes it impossible to feel successful. By creating your own definitions for success and failure, you’ll find that you’ll be celebrating many more victories in your life.

Celebrate Failure: The celebration of failure is not the easiest thing to do. Nobody enjoys failing, but it’s important to keep in mind one of the most empowering beliefs of successful people “There is no such thing as failure, just feedback.” So, what you have to celebrate is the fact that you have learned something new.

I can’t honestly tell you that I’ve mastered each of these, but I know that coming from the mind set of having plenty to celebrate will attract more to celebrate in your life. There is a divine order in life that sets us all up for riding the waves of recession to enlightenment.

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