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A Story that Needs to be Told

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We all like a good story. We enjoy being caught up in someone else’s drama. We seek out thrillers and horror films, and we feel a vicarious excitement as our heroes and heroines are put through terrible trials for our viewing pleasure. Will they get together? Will the hero win the war? Will the heroine [...]

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Nothing of Great Significance is Achieved by Playing it Safe


  Photo Credit: Tc Morgan via Compfight  I call my latest book a “career suicide.” In some ways it was the complete death of the person I was before this and the full embodiment of my inner misfit.  You have to eventually let go of who you once were in order to become the person [...]

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You Won’t Find Meaningful Work Looking Outside Yourself

Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard via Compfight   You’ve scoured the job boards, spoke with friends and family, yet still you aren’t any closer to finding the meaningful work you desire. You dream of rolling out of bed and feeling pulled towards the work you’re doing. Starting the day with passion instead of having to hook [...]

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There’s a Difference Between Living and Waiting to Die


Photo Credit: CIA DE FOTO via Compfight “Living is getting out there where things aren’t that comfortable” – Erik Wahl Is your day dictated by to-do lists, checkboxes and driving yourself the to a point of such exhaustion and anxiety that you’re just counting the hours so you can go to sleep, and repeat this [...]

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Standardized, Commoditized, and Sanitized

Il gioco della bottiglia

  Photo Credit: Luca Rossato via Compfight “The world doesn’t need more conformists. If you don’t fit in, celebrate that, and then get ready to stand your ground.” -  Laird Hamilton   For decades we’ve standardized, commoditized, and sanitized everything.  Schools measure people the exact same way: grades and test scores.   Despite having proven [...]

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