Brilliant Marketing Tactics: Podcasts and Interviews

It’s no secret to any of you who read my blog that I’m a massive supporter of podcasting. For those of you who have been following the brilliant marketing tactics series, welcome to The Skool of  Life. Below you’ll find the previous articles in the series from some very talented bloggers:

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The truth is I wouldn’t even be participating in this series if it wasn’t for a podcast that I recorded with April Bowles Olin(@blacksburgbelle). Thanks to a chat with her my network expanded beyond my niche and I got on the radar of a group of bloggers who I might otherwise have never known.

To succeed in business today there needs to be a lot of brand promotion, advertisement and a huge push in social media, podcasts, and tweet about the new product your brand has launched. The customers will only then click to investigate on the link and understand the intrinsic value.

In the past I’ve hit on some key things that I think are really important about podcasting and the things that make it awesome.

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  • How to Conduct a Kick AS#$ Interview with Another blogger
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  • Relationships: One of the greatest things that has resulted from my podcasting efforts is  a series of relationships.  The analogy I like to use is this. Twitter is kind of like flirting. Reading, subscribing and commenting is kind of like dating.  Talking on skype is like having sex :) . For the most part, we all tend to really like the people we’re having sex with. In all seriousness, when you get on the wire with somebody and chat on skype for the first time it adds a level of authenticity to your relationship that you can’t get from twitter or written form. It’s about as close as you can get to meeting somebody in real life. Not only have they opened up the world to me in terms of relationships withe people I interview, they’ve done the same with people who listen to my voice. I get to hear crazy things like “I listen to you on my way to work every morning” from my buddy David Crandall. I feel  like a not so-cool computer nerd of version of Howard Stern when I hear things like that.
  • Differentiation: If you are a BlogcastFM listener you may have heard me say this before. When you are competing with written content you have millions of people that you have to stand out amongst. That number drops significantly when you get to audio, and it drops even more dramatically when you get to people who do video on a consistent basis. If you have a camera presence and look good, as they say “if you got it, flaunt it.”  Let’s not forget our buddy Gary Vaynerchuk has done alright by using video as his medium.  I know that many of you participating in this series are from the handmade community. Given the visual nature of the work you do, I think video should be an integral part of what you do.
  • Education: This is my favorite thing about interviews and podcasts. People always ask me how I come up with so many ideas  and I guess it would be appropriate to say  “I don’t. These are just combinations of hundreds of people’s ideas that I’m putting together.”  I learn something from every single person I interview whether they are big, small, have 100 subscribers or 1000. Somebody asked me the other day how I choose BlogcastFM guests and I told them I look for people with interesting stories who I can learn something from and who I think can teach my audience something.

You might have some fears about podcasting or talking to some complete stranger from the internet for the first time. But let me assure you, most people you want to interview will be happy to hear from you about connecting more, especially if they have been reading your blog everyday and talking to you on twitter.