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Book Review: The Luck Factor by Brian Tracy

Two or three months back I got my hands on a copy of The Luck Factor after reading about another book called the luck factor somewhere online. I really wanted to understand the concept of why certain people seem to have so much good luck and others don’t

In the earlier chapters of this book, Brian Tracy focuses on the mind sets that make people successful. He goes in-depth into the following laws of success and many more.

Like almost any personal development programs, The Luck Factor takes you through a series of goal setting and problem solving exercises.  One of the simple techniques is mindstorming which  is to write down a goal or problem and write down 20 different ways you might solve it.  The book later goes on to discuss the concept of physical energy and explores health and all of what is necessary to be in ideal physical health.

Where this book trumped most of the other books I’ve read is that it seems to take a very action oriented hands on approach to success. In almost every single chapter there are exercises that seem to build on each other. The most useful suggestion I got which I put into action right away was to volunteer for organizations in my area of professional interest.  After going through it once, I think that there’s no doubt I will go through this book several more times in my life. I suggest anybody who is serious about personal development buy a copy.

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