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Because Good Enough is Not an Acceptable Standard

Final Notations
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Two years ago I wrote about the difference between settling and settling down. Despite the wishes of some people, I’ve stuck to my guns because I truly believe that the payoff is worth anything I have to go through. In order to satisfy the needs of others and silence the critics many of us make decisions through the lens of other people’s expectations, forgetting that they won’t be the ones dealing with the consequences of our choices.  We get caught up in the ego driven pursuit of a life that looks good on paper and wonder why we’re so dissatisfied with the quality of our lives.  If you ask me why I’ve made so many of the decisions I’ve made over the last several years, and completely ignored conventional wisdom, it’s simply because good enough is not an acceptable standard.


You might have noticed that my frequency of publishing content here on my blog dropped a bit in the last few weeks. What you don’t know is that I’ve still been writing every single day and I have a journal full of drafts, false starts, and ideas that would be good enough to share with you. But I haven’t published them because good enough is no longer an acceptable standard.


As many of you know I’ve been searching for a full time job and the search has made me aware of the 5 warning signs of a job that you’ll hate. I’ve sat through half a dozen interviews and I’m overcome by the sense that these jobs would  be good enough. Fortunately over the next few days I’ll be interviewing for positions that have far greater  potential. I’ve made some tough calls on my career that have raised the eyebrows of some people because good enough is not an acceptable standard.


If you’re Indian, 34 and single and decide to go to a wedding, everybody will be interested in your relationship status. In fact they’re hell bent on getting you married for some strange reason. Don’t get me wrong. I’m more than happy to entertain possibilities, but this is one area of my life where good enough is definitely not an acceptable standard. When you settle for good enough you screw up your own life and the person you settled for.

Somewhere along the way, instead of aiming to be the kind of people who change the world,  we started trading  a lifetime of mediocrity for temporary approval. It’s tragic and we need to stop, because good enough is not an acceptable standard.

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