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I believe there are things you should have learned in school but never did. In April 2009, I completed my MBA at Pepperdine University. After two degrees, 10 years of work experience,  and a series of failed relationships I never felt more unprepared for life. A few weeks later my bank balance literally hit zero and I moved back to my parents house.

It seemed like I was right back where I started at the age of 18 when I went off to UC-Berkeley for my first degree.  That summer I became obsessed with surfing because I needed a way to escape how bad my life had become. That was the start of an incredible journey of riding waves, building a media empire, and sharing my ideas with the world. I became a student of The Skool of Life.



The Class Rules

If you feel like school didn’t prepare you for life you’re not alone. These are the class rules and what I stand for. If you’re wondering if The Skool of Life  is right for you, look no further than this list.

1. You Don’t Need to Raise Your Hand or Ask for Permission to Speak

As far back as I can remember you had to ask for permission to take a piss, speak or do just about anything. Unfortunately we start to live our whole lives through the lens of asking for permission, which limits what’s possible. If you have a burning desire to change the world or make a dent in the universe, stop waiting for permission to be extraordinary.It’s not required here at the Skool of Life.

2. Feel Free to Color Outside the Lines

Weird is the new cool and I’m a big supporter of non-conformity here at The Skool of Life. So if you want to color outside the lines, go for it. In fact it’s highly encouraged.

3. There’s a Difference Between Getting an Education and Learning Something

True learning isn’t about the pieces of paper on your wall or the numbers of letters on the end of your name. It’s about the genuine desire to satisfy whatever it is you’re curious about.  Fortunately we’ve enter an age in which you  can give yourself an education that kicks the crap out of the one you got in school.

4. There are no grades, final exams, or required reading

I only got good grades until college. Then I went from being a straight A-student to an extremely average student. I started to believe that my grades were going to determine how far I could go in life, until I realized there are no grades in the school of life. Just because you try something once, twice or even a dozen times, it doesn’t mean your fate is sealed. There are no final exams. The only reading list you’ll find here is Un-Required reading for the School of Life. In other words it’s optional and you can even modify it for your own needs.

5. Challenge the Status Quo

I encourage you to question things you’ve been taught. Blindly following tradition hinders the progress of humanity. Try things you’ve never tried. If you have a better way to do something do it. Progress rarely occurs in the confines of your comfort zone.

6. Conventional Wisdom Yields Conventional Results

“Never trust the mountain of conventional wisdom. It contains nuggets it is true. But they lie along rivers of fool’s gold. Conventional wisdom daunts initiative and offers far too man convenient reasons for inaction, especially for those with a great deal to lose.”  - Felix Dennis, Founder of Dennis Publishing

Conventional wisdom says if you go to school, get good grades, graduate at the top of your class, you’ll be able to get your dream job, buy a house with a white picket fence, and be happy. It’s a once size fits all solution when there are no two people on the planet who are exactly the same.  Conventional wisdom yields conventional results. I encourage you to challenge it and when appropriate completely ignore it.

7. Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t feel good,  don’t do it. If you’ve made it this far down the list and doesn’t feel good, shut your browser window down and leave. I’m dead serious. As Oprah Winfrey said “your feelings are a GPS system for life.”

8. Class is Always in Session

In the words of Zig Ziglar “You can finish school but you never finish your education.”

If you want to push the limits of what’s possible regardless of what your life is like at the moment or how well you did in school, you’re in the right place. I think we’re all capable of making the honor roll in the school of life.

Not feeling it? Did school do exactly what it was supposed to for you? No worries. You’re free to ditch class anytime you want. If you decide to come back, the door is always open.


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“Srinivas is a courageous soul who never ceases to inspire me with his adventurous and intelligent spirit! He is a role model for every child (and the child within us all) who seek the purposeful, fulfilled life.” – Betsy Cross

“Srini has a pioneering spirit and has reached out to a captive audience in social media. Srini’s unconventional ways are a saving grace in a world gone astray by cheerless conformity and mindless chatter.” – Archan Mehta

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